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The Obama administration claimed for years that the U.S. will put no boots on Syrian ground. But on Tuesday Pentagon head Ash Cater said “We won’t hold back from supporting capable partners…whether by strikes in the air or by direct action on the ground”…


Oct 12, 2015 ~ President Barack Obama exchanged testy words with “60 Minutes” correspondent Steve Kroft on Sunday over Russian President Vladmir Putin and the Syrian conflict. When asked about the effectiveness of his administration’s strategy in the ongoing Syrian civil war, a defensive Obama admitted he was initially skeptical about training and arming moderate rebels against Syrian President Bashar al Assad…

US Army special forces sit on top of their Humvees as they secure important ground in the south of the city of Najaf in central Iraq, March 23, 2003. US infantry and engineers secured the ground after heavy gun fires with Iraqi soldiers during the night. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach REUTERS KP/FMS - RTRKNYU

US Army special forces. © Reuters

Reports by RT, 30/10/2015

U.S. sends less than 50 special forces to advise ‘moderate opposition’ in Syria – White House

Asked about the legal framework for sending forces to Syria, Earnest cited the 2001 congressional authorization to use military force, passed following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The presence of any sort of US troops in Syria was not authorized by either the elected government in Damascus or by the United Nations.

Though Earnest did not say specifically which forces the US advisers will be aiding, he did refer to a group 45 kilometers outside the IS capital of Raqqa, which the media has been calling ‘Syrian Democratic Forces.’

US aircraft delivered ammunition to the group earlier this month. However, the Arab militias have told reporters that most of the supplies ended up with the Kurdish YPG, whose promised advance towards Raqqa has stalled due to the protests of the US ally Turkey.

Obama Cornered

Doubling down or re-calibrating? After finding itself painted into a corner, the Obama administration appears to be doing both when it comes to Syria. However, it is unclear whether either approach will generate the desired outcomes. In the meantime, Russia and its allies have taken matters into their own hands.
CrossTalking with Ray McGovern, Eric Draitser, and Brian Becker.

A small contingent of US special forces to be deployed to Syria – Reports

A small contingent of US special forces will be sent as part of an “advise and assist” mission to the Syrian rebels fighting against Islamic State militants, Reuters reported citing unnamed US officials.

President Barack Obama is expected to make a full announcement Friday.

Unnamed US officials told Reuters that 20-30 special forces operatives will be sent to Syria as military advisers, presumably to the US-backed rebel groups.

Obama has previously refused to send US troops to Syria, saying that local Sunni Arabs would have to fight IS (also known as ISIS and ISIL) on the ground, while the US-led coalition supported them from the air.

The troops will be sent to Kurdish-controlled territory in northern Syria, CNN reported citing multiple anonymous officials. While they are not expected to be on the front lines with rebel forces, they will have the right to fight back if attacked. They can also join rebel raids if authorized by Washington.

US special operatives are part of a 4,500-strong force already deployed in Iraq, advising and assisting the Iraqi army and militias in their fight against Islamic State forces. Last week, one of the US advisers – Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler of the secretive Delta Force – was killed during a hostage rescue raid in northern Iraq.

Russia has been conducting precision airstrikes on IS positions in Syria at the request of President Bashar al-Assad since September 30, which, according to the Russian General Staff, have already resulted in a large-scale militant retreat and the loss of much of their weaponry and equipment.

However, operations without a nod from the official government or UN authorization don’t have legitimacy under international law.


“Any operations – air based operations, ground based operations – in Syria by American forces will be illegal,” Konstantin Kosachev, the head of Russia’s parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, told RT earlier this week, commenting on the potential involvement of US ground troops against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Obama’s announcement comes as diplomats from 20 countries gather in Vienna for talks on a political solution to the Syrian Civil War.


50 ton-question: Who got US ammo intended for anti-ISIS Arabs?

Obama says he was ‘skeptical’ of Syria rebel boondoggle from the start

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