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Regarding the destruction of the Russian civil flight A-321 on Egyptian skies: was the explosive device on board planted by agents of Western intelligence agencies and activated by an electronic control remotely from an American base?

Most likely this is the truth, and all American activism aimed at demonstrating the existence of a bomb on board is demonstrating this eventuality


Did Russian regulator attempt to ban Boeing 737 due to possibility of remote destruction?

(By Blogger Dima Pitersky, Translated by Kristina Rus on FortRuss)

Update: Russian aviation regulator, MAK [Interstate Aviation Committee] sent a letter to Rosaviation asking to recall the licence of Boeing 737 on November 5, 2015. On November 6, MAK recalled the letter, stating it will issue a new letter.

Regarding the ban on flights in Russia of the entire fleet of Boeing 737. The version that seems most plausible.

The ban took place immediately after the disaster of A-321, in which, probably, our American ‘partners’ played a role.

Judging by the fact that the crew did not even have time to signal distress it is possible that there has been a simultaneous impact of an explosive device on board, planted by the ‘moderate’ terrorists or direct agents of Western intelligence agencies and radio-electronic suppression executed from any of the American bases.

But it’s all guesswork.

HOW exactly they managed to destroy the Airbus, we don’t know (and may never know). But we know WHY.

Firstly, to frighten the Russian citizens and raise the tide of indignation against operations in Syria.

Then they obviously miscalculated because the Russians are not those who can be intimidated – we are not Europeans, threats will only make us angry.

But this attack may well spoil relations between Russia and Egypt. The blame for the disaster falls on the security service of Sharm-al-Sheikh airport.

Security, perhaps, is guilty, but, in fairness, it’s job is to protect passengers from terrorists, and not from U.S. intelligence, having much better capabilities. In any case, a heavy blow is dealt on tourism, one of the main pillars of Egyptian economy.

And of course, it is a blow to Russian-Egyptian relations, because civilians had died, and even if “they find the spoon”, the sour taste after such a tragedy will remain for a very long time.

In this case it was about the European Airbus A-321, which (it is hoped), not packed with various American gadgets and systems of interception management.

But as far as the Boeing… I’m ready to seriously consider various conspiracy theories, because from history, and from everyday life I know – the most incredible things sometimes do happen, and what seemed impossible yesterday, is considered quite mundane today.

But the conspiracy theory that I will never believe, as much as they try to convince me is that Americans can supply us with planes, and NOT load them with tools that allow remote intervention into the control of the aircraft and incapacitate it. This is impossible.

Civil aviation, in case of war, is automatically converted into military transport. To believe that the nation obsessed with espionage and known for its medieval treachery, had not foreseen the capability of disabling such an impressive fleet of a potential enemy, is impossible. It is not debatable.

This is the reason, I think, for the ban on Boeing. It’s about time. At least these planes must be thoroughly checked out. And never buy anything from Americans. Or from the Europeans. If anything, we can make planes ourselves, it’s not Coca-Cola.

Regarding some of our airlines suffering and even going bankrupt, I am personally not sorry for them. They shouldn’t have bought American planes. Should have bought Russian. These compradores may well pay themselves compensation from previously received American kickbacks and bribes.

P.S. : It is possible that the destruction of A-321, the recent bankruptcy of “Transaero” and the ban on Boeing are tied in one knot. It is clear that the Russian authorities, allowing the purchase of American aircraft-traps, ‘privatizing’ airports in favor of unknown ‘owners’ and issuing licenses to carriers who have no relation to Russia, sabotaged one of the strategic sectors of the economy. Now, on the eve of a possible war, they came to their senses and decided to untie knot, but Americans want to tie it even tighter. There is neither time nor access to relevant information to dig for details. So sorry – just intuitive guesses.

R E L A T E D (1) :

Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for Airline Bomb


(by Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean, VT Editors with Nahed al Husaini in Damascus)

A source with Russian intelligence just confirmed that the Russian government will not announce its preliminary findings on the A321 crash in Sinai.

However, their intelligence solidly names Saudi Arabia as responsible for the bombing which killed 244.  Egyptian intelligence was fully complicit in the terror attack.  The sources stated:

“Half the Egyptians work for Israel, the other half for Saudi Arabia anyway, Egypt has no security services, only paid foreign spies.”

Sources in Moscow say there no doubts whatsoever.

Would the Saudis attempt something like this in Israel’s backyard without involving them somehow? What do you think? Would they do it without the US knowing, when we have guaranteed to protect their security? Inquiring minds would like do know.

Below is our second story on the Russian plane crash (MORE REPORTS HERE), complied soon after the possible bomb on board reports started coming in, and the early Egyptian reports were putting out false information, which is never done casually in an event like this. ..JD

A developing story:   The morning news brought a growing consensus for a bomb having caused the plane to break up in the air. This was not based on  potential evidence at the crash scene, but by elimination of the other possibilities.

Was the downing of the Russian passenger plane done to push Putin into making a mistake, perhaps scuttling the Vienna deal and the Minsk accords and, perhaps even the Iran nuclear deal as well?

If Putin reacts to this outrage, seemingly perpetrated by US allies operating under protection of NATO, what can Obama do if Putin decides to push back hard?

The choices are simple, Russia turns the other cheek, Russia hits back openly or surreptitiously or this takes the world to DEFCON 1 in a flash.

Egypt's Prime Minister Sherif Ismail (C) and Egypt's Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi (2nd L) walk at the site where a Russian airliner crashed in central Sinai near El Arish city, north Egypt, October 31, 2015. The Airbus A321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia under the brand name Metrojet, carrying 224 passengers crashed into a mountainous area of Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Saturday shortly after losing radar contact near cruising altitude, killing all aboard. REUTERS/Stringer - RTX1U59A

Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail (C) and Egypt’s Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi (2nd L) walk at the site where a Russian airliner crashed in central Sinai near El Arish city, north Egypt, October 31, 2015. The Airbus A321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia under the brand name Metrojet, carrying 224 passengers crashed into a mountainous area of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula on Saturday shortly after losing radar contact near cruising altitude, killing all aboard. REUTERS/Stringer – RTX1U59A

The only real evidence involves impossible errors, the initial story of radio calls never made, emergency landings planned for in an imaginary world, confirmed by Al Jazeera with Egyptian officials that never existed.

Then there is the video of the “ISIS shoot down,” easily debunked as a “shoot down” video but an extremely telling piece of evidence.

Team  leader Jim Dean was quick to point out that the video of a plane flying up to 500 miles per hour is hard enough without timing the plane being overhead at the exact moment of a catastrophic mishap.  This is where issues of “structural failure” are quickly dismissed.

Additionally, larger missiles like the BUK, which we are told that Kiev is furnishing to ISIS, leave a contrail that can be seen for hours from a hundred miles away in the clear skies of Sinai or Ukraine.  There was no such contrail, no visible signs of a missile attack.


Wreckage evidence under cursory examination has to be set aside as there is a long history of this kind of evidence being photoshopped as with 9/11 or doctored as with the Dutch investigation of MH17.

This leaves a bomb planted at Sharm el Sheikh airport, one that could be accurately predicted, not just based on time and altitude but both and perhaps speed as well or even remotely activated through penetration of one of the planes communications systems. This requires a high degree of sophistication, setting off a bomb directly over a video crew.

The key to our investigation was location of the video crew’s position. It required backtracking from the crash site, following the suggested descent time tied to the radar data supplied, based on speed, altitude and deceleration algorithms.


This backtracked us approximately 24 miles to the only reachable location, an abandoned Wadi with direct highway ties to well used infiltration routes to Jordan, routes routinely used by Israeli and Saudi special operations units working with terrorists in Sinai.

An early airline bomb making kit - trial photo from the Heathrow plane attempts

Then again, we return to the issue of the extreme sophistication of the bomb, it we are talking about a bomb, which is more and more likely.  Familiarity with advanced avionics are key, and this cuts the list of potential players down to few, perhaps even one only.

From here, we look at the issue of “team egress,” how those who planted the bomb, again we note “if it was a bomb,” at the Sharm el Sheikh airport and the additional team responsible for the video.

Both groups would have to get out of Egypt quickly, which can only be done by water. The reason for this is simple.

ISIS receives half of its supplies through Turkey.  The rest are brought through Israel to Jordan, primarily through Aqaba, where barges take them on the very short run, only a few miles, to the rail head inside Jordan which runs them quickly to the Syrian and Iraqi borders and directly to ISIS units in the field.

Thus, the boats needed, the crews, the paid off customs officials, Jordan, Egypt, plus the special operations teams, Israel or Saudi for instance, if those are who can be considered, if a bomb is the real culprit here, make this all more than possible but probable, highly probable.


Then we look to the story that Al Jazeera planted, which held up Egypt closing her border crossings and ports looking for agents of foreign security services who would have been otherwise sought.  Al Jazeera is controlled by the government of Qatar, very much a party to the funding of ISIS and operations inside Syria against that nation and now Russia as well.

Why? There were two big reasons. First is that to video the plane blowing up required knowing when the bomb was going to trigger and approximately where, to be in a position to get the video shot. Gordon and I can tell you that is not something that a rump group of jihadis could do, only a major intelligence agency (or several).

ISIL video _moment of impact shows no missile plume

The video also eliminated a possible missile strike as there was no plume. There would have to have been one as the missiles that go that high have to carry a good bit of fuel to deliver 30 pounds of steel shrapnel for a proximity fuse one like the BUK, large and impossible to sneak around in the desert, even with a large sheet over it.

That left only a bomb. So next was a quick update on security at the resort town, which gets a log grade due to the huge number of foreign workers going in and out on all the resort construction projects and the history of bribes to circumvent any regulation imaginable. This included infiltrating a team in to do something nasty, but where getting the out is still a trick.

So that had us concentrating at looking how we would have gotten in to shoot the video, if it is real. First up was the location which thanks to our un-volunteered partner Google Earth we were able to find the approximate position required to match up to the camera angles and the radar recordings of where then plane was struck. Then came doing the math on the debris coming down where it did.

We have that spot marked above as the probable location, and just above it to the right the approximate position of the plane to fit the radar reports and camera angle. There is still an anomaly on the cell phone camera being faked as even at full zoom we do not see how an I- phone could hold a plane at 31,000 feet in frame, being hand held. From my camera experience with my $500 fluid head it would have taken some professional equipment to record this, and then dumbed down to look like a cell phone camera.

More analysis will confirm, or not, hence we are not claiming “who done it”, just a “most probable at” this point. If we were working for a government it would be asking for an early assessment on the most likely suspect. We are sharing some of the analysis behind what would typically be done, the logistics analysis.

Next came looking for how a video team would have gotten and, and then even harder, getting out. We first focused on the two Israel border crossings to the East as they were closest and Israel is always a top suspect in operations like this, especially where children are killed as they have a lot track record for going it.

But the low traffic between the two countries at these crossings is riskier for being noticed, going in, and more so, going out. So although we did find roads from the east that allowed access from Israel, we backed up and looked for alternates. We then spotted the main east-west road from Aqaba, Jordan, with lots of traffic where it is easy to blend in.

That road was a good bit south of the crash so we next had to zoom quite a bit to find a viable road going north…and found one, a lightly use one, straight as an arrow through what appeared to be a few abandoned facilities, the perfect set up to have put a team in the day before to be ready in the morning. We are showing one of those below.

Best pre-staging overnight position for a video team

Aqaba is the city version of Rick’s Cafe from the movie Casablanca, one of the most active espionage transit centers in the Mideast. You have the huge CIA facility in Jordan, and the Saudi one, too. And then Israel’s border border ends their, also.

The ferry from Jordan was the most attractive route as it connects to the main east-west highway with lots of traffic to blend into and where any customs issues can be quickly resolved with a few hundred dollars. The major Intel orgs have fast lanes to get through these places when needed.

That completed our finding a very good way for a team to have gotten in, but where getting out was still tricky as after an event like this you can face road blocks and dragnets. So you have to have multiple exit routes, and more importantly, some time to exit the area before a major security alert goes out. The Aqaba exit would have been the quickest and the best, to be out of the country ASAP.

The map below shows that route in more detail so you can see how closely all three countries are at that point, Jordan to the right, Israel’s Elat north, and Egypt on the left where the main highway is from their port.


The last big clue we had was the confusion with the early report of the pilot reporting “technical difficulties” and requesting to land in Cairo, not a big deal initially in terms of what was to come.. That communication was widely published and ran all day while the focus was on getting to the plane wreckage.  When the video alleged to have been from ISIL popped up it was generally thought to be bogus because we knew they have nothing to shoot down a plane at that altitude. We ran it anyway with qualifiers on it.

But by late afternoon, the Egyptian officials “confirmed” that their had been NO pilot communication or emergency signal sent. That meant the earlier report was the the screw-up of all times, a firing squad offense…inconceivable to see how such a mistake could be made.

But now we are viewing that as a cover story to give an infiltration team the time needed to get out before a terrorism strike report locked at the nearby borders, which would have included Aqaba. So next the focus went over to tracking down who had planted the early bogus story of the pilot communication .

Gordon’s quick search, about one minute, turned up that Al Jazeera story first broke the story, from an unnamed Egyptian official (totally pulled out of thin air) or, as is more than likely, was manufactured on the need to create a temporary window allowing terrorist cells or special operations squads to “get out of Dodge” undetected.

This story was never meant to last and Al Jazeera obviously didn’t care that they would be found either utterly incompetent or complicit.  Those “in the know” have long been aware that Al Jazeera is an intelligence agency front.


There was, as we now know, no Egyptian source. This was part of the cover up.

The teams involved were tracked from Jordan by boat to Egypt and across land as shown in the graphic above.

 R E L A T E D (2):

U.S. defence secretary Ashton Carter:

“Russia will pay price for Syrian airstrikes”

Ashton Carter predicts reprisal attacks on Russian soil over Vladimir Putin’s military campaign against mercenary and terrorist gangs in Syria


(Full report at ‘The Guardian‘ ~ Submitted by ‘Dan B.‘)

R E L A T E D (3):

CIA, Saudis To Give ‘Select’ Syrian Militants Weapons Capable Of Downing Commercial Airliners


By Tyler Durden, RonPaulInstitute, ZeroHedge

Wednesday brought a veritable smorgasbord of “new” information about the Russian passenger jet which fell out of the sky above the Sinai Peninsula last weekend.

First there was an audio recording from ISIS’ Egyptian affiliate reiterating that they did indeed “down” the plane. Next, the ISIS home office in Raqqa (or Langley or Hollywood) released a video of five guys sitting in the front yard congratulating their Egyptian “brothers” on the accomplishment.

Then the UK grounded air traffic from Sharm el-Sheikh noting that the plane “may well” have had an “explosive device” on board.

Finally, US media lit up with reports that according to American “intelligence” sources, ISIS was probably responsible for the crash.

Over the course of the investigation, one question that’s continually come up is whether militants could have shot the plane down. Generally speaking, the contention that ISIS (or at least IS Sinai) has the technology and/or the expertise to shoot down a passenger jet flying at 31,000 feet has been discredited by “experts” and infrared satellite imagery.

But that’s nothing the CIA can’t fix.

With the Pentagon now set to deploy US ground troops to Syria (and indeed they may already be there, operating near Latakia no less), Washington is reportedly bolstering the supply lines to “moderate” anti-regime forces at the urging of (guess who) the Saudis and Erdogan.

Incredibly, some of the weapons being passed out may be shoulder-fire man-portable air-defense systems, or Manpads, capable of hitting civilian aircraft.

But don’t worry, those will only be given to “select rebels.”

Here’s more from WSJ (emphasis added): 

The US and its regional allies agreed to increase shipments of weapons and other supplies to help moderate Syrian rebels hold their ground and challenge the intervention of Russia and Iran on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, US officials and their counterparts in the region said.

The deliveries from the Central Intelligence Agency, Saudi Arabia and other allied spy services deepen the fight between the forces battling in Syria, despite President Barack Obama’s public pledge to not let the conflict become a US-Russia proxy war.

Saudi officials not only pushed for the White House to keep the arms pipeline open, but also warned the administration against backing away from a longstanding demand that Mr. Assad must leave office.

In the past month of intensifying Russian airstrikes, the CIA and its partners have increased the flow of military supplies to rebels in northern Syria, including of US-made TOW antitank missiles, these officials said. Those supplies will continue to increase in coming weeks, replenishing stocks depleted by the regime’s expanded military offensive.

An Obama administration official said the military pressure is needed to push Mr. Assad from power. 

“Assad is not going to feel any pressure to make concessions if there is no viable opposition that has the capacity, through the support of its partners, to put pressure on his regime,” the official said.

In addition to the arms the US has agreed to provide, Saudi and Turkish officials have renewed talks with their American counterparts about allowing limited supplies of shoulder-fire man-portable air-defense systems, or Manpads, to select rebels. Those weapons could help target regime aircraft, in particular those responsible for dropping barrel bombs, and could also help keep Russian air power at bay, the officials said.

Mr. Obama has long rebuffed such proposals, citing the risk to civilian aircraft and fears they could end up in the hands of terrorists. To reduce those dangers, US allies have proposed retrofitting the equipment to add so-called kill switches and specialized software that would prevent the operator from using the weapon outside a designated area, said officials in the region briefed on the option.

US intelligence agencies are concerned that a few older Manpads may already have been smuggled into Syria through supply channels the CIA doesn’t control.

If that sounds insane to you, that’s because it is. Even as US intelligence (which we can only assume emanates from the CIA) indicates that IS Sinai likely brought down a Russian passenger jet with 224 people on board, the same CIA is working with the Saudis to supply “select rebels” with weapons capable of shooting down commercial airliners.

In order to make sure no one ends up blowing a 747 out of the sky, Washington will “retrofit” the weapons with “special” software that makes sure they can only be used in certain areas.

Make no mistake, this has gone beyond absurd and is now bordering on the bizarre. It’s apparently not enough that the US is supplying anti-tank missiles to rebels shooting at the very same Iran-backed militias that the US implicitly supports across the border in Iraq so now, the CIA and Saudi Arabia will give these rebels the firepower to shoot down planes, meaning that in the “best” case scenario they’ll be firing at Russian fighter jets, and in the worst case scenario these weapons will end up in the “wrong” hands and be used to down commercial flights.

It’s difficult to see how John Kerry can attend “peace” talks in Vienna and keep a straight face while chatting with Sergei Lavrov. That’s not to say that Russia bears no responsibility for its role in the conflict (sure, Moscow is supporting a “legitimate” government in Syria but they’re still dropping bombs on populated areas), but the US and the Saudis are arming Sunni extremist groups and encouraging them to shoot at Russian and Iranian forces. For Obama to suggest this isn’t a proxy war is absurd.

Putting this all together, it now appears possible that the US is, i) sending anti-tank weapons to rebels who are shooting at Iranian soldiers, ii) embedding ground troops near Latakia which means they’ll almost certainly be engaging Hezbollah directly, and iii) passing weapons capable of downing a commercial airliner to “select” militants days after a Russian passenger jet exploded in the skies above the Sinai Peninsula.

This is all in conjunction with the Saudis and Erodgan, who just rigged an election in Turkey on the way to rewriting his country’s constitution.

And the Western media reports this with a straight face as though it all makes some measure of sense…

R E L A T E D (4) (Italian):

L’esplosione dell’A321 sul Sinai. Lo zampino saudita


By Maurizio Blondet, 5/11/2015

L’intelligence Usa rivela: probabilmente è stata una bomba dell’ISIS ad abbattere l’aereo russo. Perché l’annuncio viene dalla “intelligence Usa”? Perché i servizi russi volevano tener riservata la notizia.

Una fonte dello spionaggio russo ha appena confermato che il governo russo non renderà pubbliche le sue prime rilevazioni a proposito del precipitato A321 sul Sinai. Tuttavia, la loro intelligenze ha solidamente indicato l’Arabia Saudita come responsabile dell’attentato che ha ucciso 244 persone. Con la piena complicità dei servizi egiziani.

La fonte ha detto: ‘Metà degli egiziani lavorano per Israele, l’altra metà per l’Arabia Saudita – L’Egitto non ha servizi di sicurezza, ha solo spie estere che stipendia”.

Così un clamoroso articolo di Veterans Today, a firma dei due direttori del sito, Gordon Duff e Jim W. Dean, con un loro collaboratore a Damasco, Nahed al Husaini. Gordon Duff è un ex ufficialie dei Marines , con esperienza personale in operazioni coperte, con molti e comprovati agganci nell’intelligence e solide amicizie nei servizi siriani, e probabilmente moscoviti. La frase che riporta, col suo tono di franca brutalità, ha un pretto stile putiniano.

Ma ancor più interessanti, e frutto di investigazioni sul posto, sono gli indizi in base ai quali si deve risalire ai sauditi – insieme ad altri servizi di intelligence molto sofisticati e per i quali la penisola del Sinai è il cortile di casa (fate voi il nome).

Un indizio essenziale è il video con cui l’”Isis” annuncava al mondo, quasi subito dopo il disastro, di aver abbattuto il volo russo con un missile.

La pretesa era assurda, non disponendo “l’ISIS” di mezzi per portare missili di quella portata nel Sinai. Il video però è autentico. Nel senso che ha ripreso effettivamente il momento in cui l’aereo esplode in volo.

Ciò significa che il video-operatore (un gruppo di individui, più probabilmente) si è recato sulla verticale del volo russo, in attesa del momento esatto dello scoppio.

Posto che come sembra lo scoppio è stato provocato da una bomba impiantata in una valigia all’aeroporto di Sharm el-Sheik, il team dei video-operatori sapeva in anticipo il tempo e il luogo in cui l’aereo sarebbe esploso. Quindi la bomba o è stata attivata a distanza penetrando uno dei sistemi di comunicazione aerea, oppure è stata pre-determinata ad esplodere quando l’apparecchio raggiungesse una certa altitudine o velocità. In ogni caso, “far esplodere la bomba proprio sulla testa della troupe video è indice di un’alta sofisticazione”.

Il video del cosiddetto ISIS vuol dar l’impressione di essere fatto con uno smartphone. Ovviamente nemmeno il più costoso smartphone può cogliere l’esplosione di un aereo in volo a 10 mila metri d’altitudine. Occorrono telecamere vere, e posizionate su cavalletto. E’ possibile che il team comprendesse anche colui che azionando i comandi radio ha fatto esplodere l’ordigno. Il che avrebbe facilitato la ripresa.

Veterans Today ha provato a localizzare il punto in cui può essersi posizionato il gruppo dei video-operatori. Partendo dal punto in cui si trovano i resti dell’aereo, procedendo per così dire all’indietro, sulla base dei dati radar basati su velocità, altitudine e algoritmi di decelerazione.

Arretrando rispetto al punto d’impatto, i ricercatori di Veterans Today sono arrivati “alla sola località raggiungibile a circa 24 miglia (dai resti dell’aereo) : uno uadi abbandonato che ha collegamenti diretti con la superstrada usata come rotta di infiltrazione in Giordania, rotte usate costantemente dai gruppi di operazioni speciali che lavorano coi terroristi del Sinai”. Servizi israeliani e sauditi.

Veterans Today s’è poi concentrato sul problema dell’esfiltrazione del gruppo, una volta commesso il crimine, prima che l’allarme portasse gli egiziani a chiudere le frontiere. Ci sono due posti di frontiera israeliani, due varchi nel chilometrico reticolato, ad Est.

Ma lo scarsissimo traffico su queste piste avrebbe reso forse identificabili i colpevoli. Senza escludere queste strade, i ricercatori privilegiano dunque la camionabile che porta ad Akaba, il porto giordano, piena di traffico pesante in cui è facile confondersi, attraverso un tratto di Mar Rosso – percorso da traghetti e chiatte su cui è facile imbarcarsi. Quanto ad Akaba, “ è la versione cittadina del Rick’s Café nel film Casablanca” , straboccante di spie attivissime: Cia, sauditi, israeliani…

Un indizio che questa sia stata la via di fuga usata è la notizia, diffusa a tutta prima, che il pilota aveva riferito di difficoltà tecniche e chiesto un atterraggio al Cairo. Una notizia completamente inventata; il suo scopo, secondo Gordon Duff, è stato probabilmente di dare il tempo agli attentatori di filarsela senza destare sospetti. La fonte della disinformazione? AL Jazeera, la tv del Katar, il regime che finanzia pesantemente l’ISIS, ed usa la sua tv come facciata dei suoi servizi.

E’ abbastanza chiaro che i sauditi possono essere gli autori dell’odio – è nel loro stile – ma altrettanto chiaro che non possono averlo fatto senza che Israele almeno lo sapesse. Anche lo stile di Israele è di colpire innocenti senza alcuno scrupolo. Nella orribile storia dell’islamismo massacratore in Siria e Medio Oriente, sono di certo le due teste di serpente. La data dell’attentato indica che può essere stato fato per tentare di deragliare gli incontri di Vienna, un successo diplomatico di Putin. Anche gli Usa hanno ovviamente un interesse e qualche mano in pasta, visto il costante doppio gioco che adottano: per esempio continuano a fornire armi ad ISIS in Irak, come non si stanca di denunciare il governo irakeno anche in questi giorni:

E, come dice Teheran, gli Usa hanno bombardato un gruppo di capi dell’ISIS che giusto giusto si stavano staccando dal Califfo – un attacco condotto su ordine del califfo.

La rappresaglia dei russi, dice “l’intelligence Usa”, sarà “forte e militare”. Chissà come mai lo dicono gli Usa, e non Mosca. Vedremo comunque una rappresaglia. A Putin ricorderà la sua vecchia guerra ai ceceni, condotta senza esclusione di colpi: “Li staneremo e li strangoleremo nel cesso”, promise.

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