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The UK government have published possibly the most hair-brained and contradictory mendacious pretext yet to try and invade Syria, by claiming it would be in ‘defense’ of errr…90km of Turkey’s southern border with Syria.

The UK have no military mandate to ‘protect’ Turkey’s southern border with Syria, let alone by illegally invading Syria, while pointedly not wanting to secure Europe’s external border with Turkey.


…nato war propaganda for the simple minded

By no co-incidence the UK and NATO’s desperation is directly linked to Syrian government advances.

If the Schengen free UK was really interested in securing external European borders it would be working with Turkey et al on genuinely securing Turkey’s external border with …Europe.

In legal terms what the UK are really trying to illegally do is [use NATO] to extend the European ‘border’ to include Turkey and…Syria [refer Fallon comments to Hurriyet Daily News on 12.11.2015 at end]

There is an obvious lack of sincerity on the part of the US-led coalition at the ‘Vienna Talks’.

…a complete fairy story

The Gilligan war propaganda disguises that the Syrian government have been lawfully protecting the major cities in western Syria, where most civilians have always lived.

The Royal Air Force will join an offensive to seal off Isil’s last international border and block foreign fighters from travelling to and from the group’s territory.

The US is planning intense air strikes against the “Manbij pocket”, a 60-mile stretch of Isil-controlled Syria along the frontier with Turkey. On its western flank, the so-called ‘Marea line’, the pocket is under attack by Western-backed Syrian rebel troops. To its east is territory around the town of Kobane, recaptured by Kurdish forces in June.

The so-called Marea line (between the arrows) is the only free stretch of border between Turkey and Islamic State

Denying Isil its only stretch of border will make it significantly harder for young Britons and other westerners to reach the terror group’s so-called state. It will also obstruct terrorists such as Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the leader of the Paris attacks, who travelled back from Isil territory to Paris.

Turkey’s foreign minister, Feridun Sinirlioglu, said his country and the US were about to launch a joint operation to “put an end to the control Isil is still exercising on a zone of our frontier”, adding: “Our operations will continue with more and more intensity. You will see this in the days to come.”

RAF Reaper drones flying over the area will provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for bombing raids by Turkish and American F-15 and F-16 jets, it is understood.

If MPs vote to back RAF bombing in Syria, British Tornado bombers will join the operation. The bombing will allow anti-Isil ground forces on both sides to advance, US officials say.

“As friendly forces push east from the Marea line, the idea is that they will link up with friendly forces that are on the other side of the Manbij pocket and seal that border off,” said Col Steve Warren, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, the US air strikes in Syria and Iraq.

Attacks on the Manbij pocket have previously been prevented by Turkey’s unwillingness to see Kurdish groups taking more territory inside Syria.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, however, some of the diplomatic obstacles have been resolved.

The Mirror cribbed the Daily Telegraph war propaganda.

…nato are panicking now the syrian army is securing it’s own borders

Any jury in any court of law, would ask the most obvious question over why, the UK government were not working to secure Turkey’s external border with…Europe.

There is obviously no need, nor legal grounds, to invade Syria to supposedly ‘protect’…90km of Turkey’s southern border.

doesn’t mention the…european…british government

It is not necessary to bomb Syria to supposedly secure the southern Turkish border.

In practice all the military ‘manoeuvering’ and war propaganda in the US-led Genocidal war on Syria, has only ever been about trying to secure military ‘leverage’ in administrative elections in Syria.

…murdoch & Co ‘forget’ to declare their very substantial financial ‘conflict of interest’ behind their war propaganda

N.B: The French government have not said they are still relying on Article 51 of the UN Charter, which does not authorize continued military action in Syria.

…the british regime had a little fairy story that hms defender was setting sail to ‘protect’ the charles de gaulle

The falsity of the US-led coalition was always obvious given the inclusion of the unelected likes of the Saudis & Qataris.

…ask yourself how much money so many corporations are making, out of…nato war propaganda, which has never been about securing an ‘election’ in syria

The only way the British government have ever been able to wage war is by illegally using state violence against law abiding civilians to try and stop successful legal challenges…in courts of law.


“…U.K. Secretary of Defense Michael Fallon told daily Hürriyet in an interview on Nov. 12 before meetings in Ankara: 
”Although we cannot preempt a NATO decision, allies are currently considering how best to provide support and reassurance, building on the measures already in place….”



The UK NATO war propaganda for the simple-minded that defies all logic and law has nevertheless had to admit that the Syrian army has advanced to protect it’s border from a NATO invasion by the US, UK & Turkey.

This is the very same allegedly all seeing big brother super-sized NATO that would have everyone believe it did not have a single helicopter in the air, to track an alleged errr…terrorist in a BMW in Brussels.

the law word…well, we all know they weren’t talking about law, because they have all been so busy dishonestly claiming they can suspend the rule of law

MPs will need time to absorb case for war to be put by David Cameron later this week, says UK defence secretary

Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, has said the government will not press for a Commons vote on extending airstrikes to Syria as early as next week, saying MPs will need time to absorb the case for war to be put by the prime minister on Thursday.

Fallon was also unclear about the identity of the ground troops that would occupy territory currently occupied by Islamic State in Syria if airstrikes drove the militants from their base, referring simply to local troops or an as-yet-unformed new Syrian government.

The identity of the ground troops, and the likelihood that much of the territory would be seized either by President Bashar al-Assad’s army or different warring armies, is probably the biggest single stumbling block to David Cameron securing a Commons majority.

Cameron was in Paris holding talks with François Hollande on Monday before the French president’s visit to Barack Obama in Washington and Vladimir Putin in Moscow. At a press conference, speaking of Isis, Cameron said: “Together we will destroy this evil threat.”

Earlier, the prime minister and Hollande visited the Bataclan concert hall, scene of the highest number of fatalities in Friday 13 November’s terror attacks.

Fallon said the speed with which Cameron put the issue to a vote would depend on MPs, but indicated it was unlikely to be as early as next week. Cameron will only put the case for war on Thursday in the form of a reply to a sceptical report written by the foreign affairs select committee.

Fallon said: “A lot of new MPs understandably want to be sure there is a political track to this as well – that we are working with everyone in the region to create a more comprehensive moderate government in the region to bring long-term security after the striking has finished.”

He added: “The troops on the ground are going to be like in Iraq – the security forces of the Syrian government that can end this civil war and represent genuinely all parts of Syria whether they are Shia, Druze, Christian, Sunni or Alawite.”

He claimed the pressure was mounting on Assad through the international support group talks in Vienna, and added: “There is international agreement now that Assad has to go and there has to be a more comprehensive government.”

He acknowledged that Assad had not agreed to go, but pointed to the involvement of countries including Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran in the talks process.

Fallon’s claim that there is an international agreement over the need for Assad to step down is likely to be challenged by Labour, not least because neither Iran nor Russia has at least in public abandoned their ally, even if they have said there should be fresh elections and a broader government.

The defence secretary said there was also a moral case for war, adding it was wrong that the fighting and risk was currently being handed to the UK allies acting on behalf of the UK government.

He insisted the UK’s high precision Brimstone missile was needed by the UK’s allies over Syria since it reduces civilian casualties.

He said any future vote on airstrikes on Syria would be very different from the vote on whether British forces should help bomb Assad over the use of chemical weapons in 2013.

Maria Eagle, the shadow defence secretary, said Labour could only reach a judgment on military action in Syria once it had seen Cameron’s case.

She did not rule out support for airstrikes, saying: “As long as MPs can see a plan that’s dealt with across the region, that is supported by all, that will work, that shows what our military input, what impact that will have, then there is a chance we can agree on a proper way forward.”

She added: “We will deal with it once we have heard from the prime minister. It is all very well suggesting that a few bombs are going to deal with Isil/Daesh. There is a coalition of 60 nations already doing that in Syria.

“We need to see that the plan that the world comes up with – and there now is a UN resolution that they have to be dealt with – will work and we have to be sure that it will make a positive difference before we are asked which way we are going to vote and before the Labour party will decide how to whip its MPs.”

Momentum, the grassroots group that supports Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, has sent out emergency emails asking its supporters to contact MPs and tell them to oppose airstrikes.

The two faced treacherous anti-Syrian government war propagandist, Stake-knife Corbyn will not be upholding the rule of law, by bringing any successful legal challenge that opposes war, in any…court of law.

...the far from ‘revolutionary’ elysee kurds are just nato mercenaries

It was Roland Dumas who publicly stated, the British government were the ones who first ‘fomented’ what grew into the US-led war on Syria.

The only way the British government have been able to wage war is by illegally using state violence against law abiding civilians to try and stop successful legal challenges to war, in courts of law.

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