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Turkish military shoots down fighter jet near Syria-Turkey border

Russian SU-24 fighter has been shoot down near the Syrian-Turkish border

A Russian SU-24 fighter has been shoot down near the Syrian-Turkish border and crashed on the Syrian side, media reported, adding the jet was shot down by Turkish F16 jets. Two pilots are reported to have ejected.

Habertürk TV reporter on the scene filmed a videoclip:

Habertürk reporters said that the pilots of the crashed jet managed to eject, adding that the plane violated Turkish airspace. 

The plane crashed near a place wich is an hotspot between ‘moderate’ terrorist gangs and the Syrian Arab Army.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had a meeting with Turkish military officials to consult with NATO and the UN on the latest developments on the Syrian border.

Moscow said it could prove the jet had not left Syrian air space

Russia’s defence ministry confirmed that one Russian fighter jet has been downed in Syria, apparently after coming under fire from the ground.

Russian defense ministry said also that the culling of their airplane will be deemed a clear act of aggression by a NATO-member country against Russia.

Russia’s defence ministry said Russia could prove the fighter jet was over Syria for the duration of its flight, as Interfax news agency reported.

According to allegations made by local Turkish news agencies, the two pilots have been captured by one of the factions of the so called “Turkmen opposition fighters”, local gangs of “moderate terrorists” armed and supported by Erdogan regime.

This clear provocation and Turkish act of war towards Russia, comes at a time of high tension, while Russia is strongly operating on Syrian soil, alongside and in collaboration with the Syrian armed forces, to fight the jihadist terrorist gangs, whereas nations such as France, England, and the US-led coalition are operating illegally [without permission and coordination with the sovereign Syrian Arab Republic], bombing Syrian civilian facilities [power stations, water mains and services for the population] and threatening a confrontation with Russia, which would have disastrous and devastating consequences.

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We now await the Russian answer. Putin has shown, up to now, not to be a fool and to cleverly knowhow to circumvent the NATO military provocations, giving answers well balanced, respecting the international law, but without suffering humiliation or changes to the program of the war on terrorism that currently is producing excellent results, not only for Syria and Syrians, but to the entire free world.

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RT reporters hit by anti-tank shell on Syria-Turkey border

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