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A friend of ours showed us this video and these photos.

Pictures appear to show that the location used by Daesh (judging by vegetation, several years later) for filming their “Hollywood style” staged movies, is or was a U.S. controlled swimming pool (in May 2003).

This does not prove that the videos were done by the U.S., however, the fact that the they invaded Iraq and made the place a breeding ground for supposed ‘Islamic extremism’ makes it clear that the so-called ‘regime change’ simply doesn’t result in any improvements either for local people or easily manipulated Western audience, who constantly get deceived by the identical ruse.

On the contrary, the so-called ‘regime change’ means destabilization and democratic’ looting of entire regions, implies a general barbarism of life, giving free rein to all kinds of uncontrolled armed gang or Mafia group.

DAESH videos filmed in a USA controlled facility-5b

DAESH videos filmed in a USA controlled facility-3b

DAESH videos filmed in a USA controlled facility-2

DAESH videos filmed in a USA controlled facility-1

DAESH videos filmed in a USA controlled facility-4

Kim Hoaxashian
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