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Al-Manar on Arabsat Decision: Saudi Won’t Win Battle Already Lost by Israel

Al-Manar said that Arabsat’s decision to block its broadcast is political, stressing that the Lebanese Communication Group will go on with its policy to stand by the oppressed people in our nation.

Ibrahim Farhat, the General Manager of al-Manar, said that the Arabsat’s decision is not because of professional reasons.Al-Mamar General Manager Ibrahim Farhat

“It’s because of Saudi’s failed policy, starting from Syria and ending by Yemen,” Farhat said during a live interview on al-Manar tv.

“Since its beginning, al-Manar was standing by the resistance and the legitimate issues in our nation, on the top of which is the Palestinian cause.”

“They want channels that are of one affiliation. They want channels that seek sedition,” al-Manar director-general said referring to Saudi Arabia, which is the main financier of Arabsat satellite operator.

“They won’t be able to win this battle.. this battle which was already lost by the Israeli enemy in (July) 2006, when this structure was destroyed. However, al-Manar persisted and will do so God willing.”

Earlier on Friday, Arabsat suddenly blocked the broadcast of al-Manar without explanation and in violation of a contract.

Israeli warplanes destroyed al-Manar’s headquarters in Haret Hreik n July 16 2006. However the channel resumed broadcasts within two minutes from a secret back-up studio and never went off the air during the 33-day Israeli aggression.

Al-Manar Announces Withdrawal from the “Arab States Broadcasting Union”

The Lebanese Media Group (including Al-Manar TV and Al-Nour Radio station) announced on Tuesday it’s withdrawing its membership in the Arab States Broadcasting Union.

Al-ManarThe Al-Manar TV General Director Ibrahim Farhat said in a statement addressed to the Director General of the ‘Arab countries Broadcasting Union’, Abdul Rahim Suleiman, that “when we found that the role that we can play for the sake of boosting this Union may be nonexistent, we have decided to withdraw from the Arab States Broadcasting Union.”

“The decision was based on our vision of the role of media that’s assigned to the Arab States Broadcasting Union as a professional federation that seeks to contribute to the advancement and sublimity of Arab media,” the statement said.

Arab regional satellite operator Arabsat abruptly stopped broadcasting Al-Manar TV last week without explanation and in violation of the contract signed between the parties.

“This decision was taken in view of the current conditions in which we noticed that some countries are pressuring the Union to deviate it from its original role that is based on diversity and plurality,” Al-Manar statement added.

The statement ended up saying that the withdrawal decision came “to maintain the positive contributions of the Lebanese Media Group (Al-Manar TV channel and Al-Nour Radio station) since it joined your association in 2001 believing in the objectives of the Union.”

Sayyed Safieddine: Arabsat Action against Al-Manar Aggression on Resistance

Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine denounced Arabsat’s decision to block al-Manar’s broadcasting as an aggression against the resistance.

Talking during a mourning ceremony in Baalbeck on Sunday, Sayyed Safieddine stressed that the decision is pure political, slamming Saudi Arabia, the main financier of the satellite operator, over the move.Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine

“Blocking the broadcast of al-Manar and al-Mayadeen (pan-Arab TV also blocked by Arabsat earlier) is an aggression on the resistance its people and all the Lebanese,” Sayyed Safieddine said during a ceremony marking one week after the death of the Head of Hezbollah Juristic Council, Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek’s son.

“It’s our right to ask why Saudi Arabia is leading this role in the aggression against the resistance and Palestine? What does the Kingdom want?”

As his eminence said that the block had not much effect in the technical mean, Sayyed Safieddine noted that the aggression has political influence “in a bid to stifle the voice of resistance and freedom.”

Sheikh Qassem: Is Saudi Weak to the Extent of Fearing Voice of Al-Manar?

Sheikh QassemHezbollah Deputy Secretary General wondered whether Saudi Arabia is weak to the extent that it fears the voice of Al-Manar TV channel and the resistance.

“Is the Saudi reality shameful to the degree that it cannot tolerate the image reflected by al-Manar and the resistance,” his eminence asked.

In a statement posted on his office’s Facebook account in the context of supporting Al-Manar against Arabsat action, Sheikh Qassem said, “We wish that Saudi Arabia would support the Palestinians against ‘Israel’ and stop killing the Yemenis as well as the Bahrainis and funding the terrorist groups, including Qaeda, ISIL, Al-Nusra, etc.”

Sheikh Qassem greeted Al-Manar for winning the battle of freedom and truth, adding that it rejected to be subject to blackmail and fraud and glittered in support of the popular resistance against aggression and occupation.

“Al-Manar will keep the flame of resistance and right.”

Sheikh Qassem concluded by greeting Al-Mayadeen channel “which was also punished by for conveying reality.”

Fadlallah: Blocking Al-Manar Broadcasting “Political Decision”, Targets Freedom

FadlallahHead of the Lebanese Parliamentary Media and Communications Committee MP Hassan Fadlallah asserted on Monday that Arabsat decision to block Al-Manar broadcasting via its satellites is political, considering that the action targets information freedom and violates the national sovereignty.

In a press conference after the committee’s meeting, Fadlallah said Arabsat decision was based on one of Al-Manar episodes in which the guest criticized the Saudi king, noting that Al-Manar did not violate the law as the anchorman responded to him.

MP Fadlallah stressed that the Lebanese media my never subdue to the policies practiced against the Arab media, pointing that what happened threatens all the national outlets.

He added that the Lebanese media outlets abide by the national law and Arabsat does not have the right to violate this legal relation and withdraw its broadcasting center from Lebanon to Jordan.

MP Fadlallah concluded that a complaint against Arabsat will be filed with the International Communications Union, adding that the Information ministry will hold a meeting among all the competent parties to discuss blocking the broadcasting of Al-Manar and Al-Mayadeen and the company’s decision to move its broadcasting center from Lebanon in order to take the necessary measures.

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