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Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah-3

Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah Advances in Southern Aleppo

by Paul Antonopoulos, Analyst for Al-Masdar News

The Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division, Hezbollah and the Shi’ite Iraqi paramilitary force “Harakat Al-Nujaba” launched an offensive against Al-Nusra, Harakat Ahrar al-Sham and Harakat Nouriddeen al-Zinki in southern parts of Aleppo Governorate.

Launching from their positions in Burnah, Al-Zeitan, and Al-Qal’ajiyah, they targetted the towns of Al-Zorba, Khan Touman and Al-Barqoum.

They are strategically located on the imperative Aleppo-Damascus Highway, a major smuggling point into Aleppo City.

Hezbollah and the Iraqi Shi’ite paramilitary group commenced the attack by striking the southern areas of Khan Touman, whilst Syrian government forces struck the towns of Al-Zorba and Al-Barqoum.

Paul Antonopoulos is currently a Candidate for an MA Degree, writing his dissertation on the Saudi-Iranian Geopolitical Rivalry in the Syrian War and an analyst for Al-Masdar News
You can follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/oulosP

By Paul Antonopoulos
Submitted by Paul Antonopoulos, Al-Masdar News
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