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The General command of the army and armed forces affirmed on Tuesday that establishing control on Salma town constitutes “an important springboard” to eliminate terrorist cells and cut off the supplying routes of terrorists in Lattakia countryside.

“Units of the army, in cooperation with popular defense groups, established full control on Salma town and the surrounding hills and strategic points after establishing control over Karm al-Qalaa, Shish al-Qadi, Daher al-Azraa, Jabal Qaraqfi and Tartiyah village amid a big retreat and collapse in the morale of terrorists who fled towards the Turkish territories,”

the army’s general command said in a statement.

It added the achievement is

“a continuation of the successes gained by units of the army, in cooperation with popular defense groups on more than one direction in Lattakia northern and eastern countryside.”

The General Command referred to the importance of this step due to the strategic location of Salma town which was considered as one of the important positions of terrorist organizations and a command-center for them in Lattakia northern countryside.

It affirmed determination to go on in its national duty to eliminate terrorists, calling on everyone who carried weapon to abandon it and turn himself in to the authorities to return to the country’s lap.


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