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Foreign Ministry: “Turkey should stop violations, we maintain the right to respond”

The Turkish regime should immediately stop all of its acts of aggression against Syria’s sovereignty and the Syrian people’s safety and security, said the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Sunday.

The Syrian demand came in two identical letters sent by the Ministry to the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the Security Council, complaining about the Turkish regime’s repeated attacks and violations of the Syrian territorial integrity.

The letters came in response to allegations made in Turkey’s UN Permanent Representative’s letter dated December 24, 2015, and cited some of the numerous Turkish violations.

In December 2015, Turkish armored forces made incursions into various villages and areas in the northeastern Hasaka province and embarked on different construction activities, including sweeping away soil and setting up concrete walls, mainly in Ras al-Ein area.

Other forces penetrated into Harem town in the northern countryside of Idleb province, where they shoveled away soil, started construction works and built 4 mt. wide and 8 mt. deep tunnels in 7 areas.

Turkish armed forces settled in areas adjacent to Harem town and started building concrete walls at several sites.

The Foreign Ministry highlighted in its letters the Turkish government’s continued support to the terrorist organizations, including militarily, logistically and financially.

Turkish army and intelligence officers frequently visit training camps they have set up on Syrian soil, particularly in Aazaz area, to train terrorists in handling all types of weapons and carrying out assassination operations.

Passageways and crossings were dug for terrorists under the supervision of the Turkish army and intelligence service.

The Turkish army’s tanks and artillery carried out on December 5, 2015 firing operations for more than two hours to provide cover to Turkish forces that entered the Syrian territory to back up armed terrorist groups, including “Liwaa al-Fatih” and “Al-Sultan Murad”, in Aazaz area and went deep into Qara Mazraeh town. The Turkish combat forces later withdrew the next day and the two terrorist groups settled in the site.

On December 6, 2015, a group of terrorists of different nationalities were illegally allowed passage into Syria across Bab al-Salameh border crossing with Turkey on board vehicles equipped with machine guns, who later settled in villages and areas in Aleppo countryside.

Later on December 22, a Turkish military force penetrated into the Syrian territory and settled at al-Efrit hill in al-Malkiyeh area in Hasaka countryside. Around 150 Turkish soldiers and a number of military vehicles were employed at the hill. Information indicates a possibility that the Turkish forces had set up monitoring equipment at al-Efrit hill.

The Turkish troops later withdrew under the locals’ protest on December 23.

On that same day and other following days, Turkish armed forces entered areas in Ras al-Ein, Qamishli, al-Qahtaniyeh and and al-Malkiyeh in Hasaka where they swept away soil and carried out digging and concrete wall construction works.

The Foreign Ministry’s letters demanded that the Security Council take its responsibilities and work to put an end to these attacks in preservation of the international peace and security.

They described the Turkish transgression into the Syrian territories as “a blatant act of breach” against all the rules of the international law and good neighborly policy and the charter and principles of the UN.

The Syrian government, the letters said, maintains “the right to respond” to Turkey’s repeated violations and acts of aggression and stresses also its right to claim compensation for damages and losses resulting from those acts.

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SANA, H. Said
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