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REFILE - CLARIFYING DATES Israel's armed forces chief Moshe Yaalon walks after a visit to the Kissufim crossing in the Gaza strip in this February 16, 2005 file photo. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 17, 2013 chose Yaalon, an ex-general and vice premier from his right-wing Likud party, to be Israel's next defence minister, a government official said. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun/Files (POLITICS MILITARY PROFILE TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Moshe Yaalon – Gaza 16/2/2005 (Reuters)

The Veil Is Ripped, The Truth Is Evident

An Israeli newspaper, ‘The Times of Israel‘, issued some public statements made by Moshe Ya’alon, the Defense Minister of the Zionist Entity, including the sentence: “I would prefer ISIS to Iran in Syria”.

The ‘Times of Israel’ reported (19 January 2016) statements of the Israeli Defense Minister, who would have said that the jihadists (Daesh, ISIS, al-Nusra…) don’t have the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran (which Israel consider its greatest enemy and threat) and that if the Damascus government were to fall, Israel would prefer the barbarians cutthroats and slaveholders of Daesh in control of the territory than Iran and its allies.


These are the dangerous levels of paranoid schizophrenia of which are suffering the hierarchies of the colonial so called ‘Jewish state’ of Israel: they prefer a devastated Middle East, in the hands of a bunch of rabid animals out of control, rather than governed by coexisting civil community, among which Iran, along with the traditional multiethnic, multiconfessional and multicultural Syria, are at the top.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya_alon-3

At a conference in Tel Aviv, held by the “Institute of National Security Studies”, Moshe Ya’alon clearly voiced some of the key points of the pathological Zionist paranoia:

“In Syria, if the choice is between Iran and the Islamic State, I choose the Islamic State”.

“Our greatest enemy is the Iranian regime that has declared war on us”.

“Iran tried to open a terror front against us on the Golan Heights”.

“With the nuclear deal and the recent lifting of sanctions, Tehran has escaped international isolation and become a central player in Syria”.

“US and Russia are treating Iran as part of the solution to the Syrian civil war”.

“Iran determines future of Syria and if it leads to perpetuation, Iranian hegemony in Syria will be huge challenge for Israel”.

“The conflict in Syria and Iraq is the height of the clash of civilizations”.

Such statements, for those familiar with the exclusivist Zionist ideology and its global criminals projects, are not novelties, but they put even more light on the nature and mental affinity between the Zionist entity with the worst international terrorism, to which Israel is teacher and mother.

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