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Tuesday morning, at a Syrian Army checkpoint in Hama city, during inspections of a bomb squad unit and special counterterrorism teams, two vehicles were found loaded with weaponry, explosives and munitions, a police officer told to Syrian national news sources.

The cars were loaded with thousands of RPG rounds, PKC bullets, assault rifle bullets, explosives, blasting caps, grenades, intended for terrorist gangs hidden in the area.

The drivers of the two cars, after being arrested, were made available to the Syrian military authorities for an intense interrogation, in order to find out both the masterminds that the recipients of this merchandise of death.

The successes of the Syrian army and its allies in the fight against jihadist mercenaries are crumbling the enemy’s anti-national front, who tries desperately to carry out terrorist acts in order to continue receiving funds from outside powers that until now have supported them, especially now in view of the meeting in Geneva.

But their days are numbered.

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