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Russia’s Defense Ministry suspects Turkey of preparations for intrusion into Syria

(TASS Agency) ~ The developments on the Turkish-Syrian border suggest Turkey’s intensive preparations for military invasion into Syria, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday.

“We have serious grounds to suspect Turkey of intensive preparations for military intrusion into the territory of the sovereign state — the Syrian Arab Republic. We are registering an increasing number of signs of the Turkish armed forces’ hidden preparations for active operations on the territory of Syria,” the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told journalists.

Russia’s Defense Ministry earlier provided convincing video evidence to the world public that Turkish self-propelled artillery systems were shelling Syrian populated areas in north Latakia.

“We’re surprised that talkative representatives of the Pentagon and NATO and numerous so-called organizations for the protection of human rights in Syria have kept silent so far, despite our call for reacting to these actions,” the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has intensified all kinds of reconnaissance in the Middle East, the spokesman said.

“That is why, if someone in Ankara thinks that the cancellation of the Russian inspectors’ observance flight over Turkey will help conceal something, then this looks unprofessional,” Konashenkov said.


TASS - Russian News Agency
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