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The so called ‘only one democracy in the Middle East’, historical ally (and master) of the U.S., openly states not to desire peace but a permanent warfare: Haaretz, “Jerusalem prefer a continuation of a war’s status quo”.


Tel Aviv opts for continuing the war status quo

(By Syrianpatriot) ~ The Zionist regime of the colonial entity occuping Palestine, publicly prefers the terrorist gangs go ahead with slaughtering of autochthonous Arabs of the Middle East, in a war of attrition between the Syrian people’s army and the most bloody and inhuman mercenary gangs, rather than hope and promote a peaceful political solution, against all forms of radicalism and terrorism, unique solution for stabilizing the area and bring prosperity for all resident peoples.

This is what it says “Haaretz” in an editorial by Amos Harel.

The kosher journalist, after defining “radical axis” the coalition composed by Syria-Iran-Hezbollah (tacitly including the Iraqi Popular Forces and the Russian Air Forces), ie the one that really restrains and fights terrorism and the real “radical jihadist axis” of gangs affiliated with al-Qaeda and Daesh, preventing that Syria would become a whole Caliphate of cutthroats, perverts and slavers, adds:

  •  Jerusalem would clearly have preferred a continuation of the status quo ante: a war of attrition between the (Syrian) regime and its enemies

  • The resounding success in Aleppo (…) could also bolster the status of Syrian allies and ultimately affect the situation on Syria’s border with Israel in the Golan Heights.

  • The assault on Aleppo (…) once again highlighted America’s weakness: it can neither save those it repeatedly defined as the good guys in the Syrian war nor block Russia’s influence.

  • Most importantly from the standpoint of Israel’s security, a victory in Aleppo might convince the Assad regime to increase its efforts in southern Syria, in Daraa and then westward toward the Golan Heights. Violent clashes between regime and rebel forces on the Golan would undermine the stability of the Syrian-Israeli border and could ultimately lead to a bigger presence of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard alongside Israel.


If the entity which the US and the West (dispensers of human rights, democracy, terrorism under cover and weapons) consider to be the only democracy in the Middle East (Israel), is convinced, after five years of devastation, terror, atrocities and death, that it’s not good to put an end to all this wickedness and totally eliminate terrorism (which if not deeply eradicated will deadly spread, even in the occupied Palestinian territories), but rather it is preferable to continue with this state of affairs, then it means that the madness and wickedness are really in power, that the US and the West, led by their Zionist master, are the true axis of the absolute eviland that the only alternative to prevent this abomination is what the ancient Romans were well aware: ‘Si vis pacem para bellum’ (if you want peace, be always well prepared for war).President Vladimir Putin and President Bashar Assad-20151020

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Bashar Hafez al-Assad, along with their closest allies, have well understood this notion, and know that it is better to never trust certain people.

If Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (peace be upon him) was more careful and more distrustful, without being enchanted by the Western sirens, continuing to update the national war arsenal (too outdated), perhaps he could better react to external aggressions.nasser_and_gaddafi-300x237

Without the NATO aggression, or with a stronger reaction from the Jamahiriya army , thanks to more powerful, faster and precise weapons, the rats affiliated to al-Qaeda and similar gangs of apes, would shortly endured.

Libya maybe would not have become the den of terrorists of the worst kind as it is today: and now he would be here with us in confronting the true axis of the absolute evil.

Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam: “Our big mistake was to have delayed too long to update our arsenal of weapons” [from min 01:22 on]

The Assassins Are Loosing Ground, the Heroes Are Advancing

The Zionist colonial entities, improperly known as ‘Israel’, born and founded from the beginning on terrorism, annihilation, humiliation and oppression of other peoples (but presenting itself to the world as ‘eternal victim’), is the real obstacle that prevents the solution of the problems in the Middle East (and perhaps beyond); it is the disease which develops, manipulates, runs and spreads the seeds of evil (including the Wahhabi seeds of madness, suffered by many ignorant and corrupted zealot-jihadists monkeys) that are afflicting the resident peoples in the area.

Hashshashin-450The camel urine drinkers, sand’s dictators and kings of the Gulf microstates on American mandate (designed to serve) are providing them with a modern army of Hashshashins (Assassins), but this time of Wahhabi species.

In conclusion: Tel Aviv prefer a continuation of the war status quo; the Wahhabi Hashshashins (doped to the marrow) yearn for their 72 virgins, and together with the depraved and corrupted Western regimes (with no more roots nor good sense) runs towards self-destruction.

In the end, only the heroes and the generous souls shall survive, or will be a world of slaves. For now, mercenaries and Hashshashins are loosing ground, and the heroes are advancing. The future also depends and is in the hands of each of you: bend your head, or rise up and fight for the truth.

Syrians of the villages cleared by the presence of terrorist gangs, joyfully are celebrating the regained freedom with the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army.

By Syrianpatriot
Suggested by Cem Ertür 
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