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Major world powers have agreed to a ceasefire and to the delivery of immediate aid in Syria, while Syrian Army & Allies can continue fighting against Daesh, Al-Nusra & every terrorist gang.

What’s not too clear to us is: but if all sides fighting in Syria (against the legitimate government of Damascus) are in one way or another terrorist organizations, or affiliated and working side by side to al-Qaeda and Daesh, (against which it was clearly stated that it is legitimate and permissible to continue fighting), by who should be exercised this “ceasefire”?!?  The FSA? We all know that the FSA does not exist anymore and that its members and leaders are the same of the various gangs affiliated with al-Qaeda (or respond to their orders).

To be honest and fair, we have to say that Syria is going to win just some battles, but the war still will rage for a long time, until the terrorism and its godfathers, will be completely and globally won, beated, extirpated, because the ‘chosen’ enemies of Syria (and Russia and Iran…) not easily stop wanting to achieve their evil goals.