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In the course of the last week aircraft of the Russian aviation group in Syria have performed 510 combat sorties engaging 1,888 terrorists’ objects

In the course of the last week, February 4-11, aircraft of the Russian aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic have performed 510 combat sorties engaging 1,888 terrorists’ objects in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, Deir ez-Zor, Daraa, Homs, Hasakah and Raqqah.

Near Bruma (Latakia province), a strong point and a mortar position of terrorists were eliminated. The objective monitoring data registered complete destruction of engineering fortifications and the battery.

During air duty mission, Su-25 attack aircraft detected 3 hardware columns transporting militants, armament and munitions along the highway Al-Qaryatayn – Homs. The strike resulted in elimination of 9 heavy trucks with munitions and more than 40 militants. 

Near al-Ghariyah al-Gharbiyah (Daraa province), a Su-34 bomber made a strike on an ISIS strong point. The direct hit of a guided munition caused complete destruction of the terrorists’ fortifications. Objective monitoring data confirmed elimination of 2 pieces of militants’ armored hardware. 

Su-24 bomber destroyed the ISIS commabd center in the Idlib province

Aviation strike eliminated militants’ strong point in the Latakia province

Russian aviation eliminated open ISIS oil storages in the Aleppo province

2 powerful field commanders liquidated in the Aleppo province

Terrorists are suffering significant losses caused by aviation strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In the suburbs of Kalaz-Tahtani, a large illegal armed group with its commander, “Abu Maher” (“Farid Al-Misri”) was eliminated by an airstrike.

The field commander “Abu Anas Al-Sham” from the Jaysh al-Sham terrorist group was liquidated in the territory of the same province.

Large-scale desertion is registered in illegal armed groups located near Aleppo

Terrorists are frightening civilians and making people go to the Turkish borderline. Having left their weapons, militants are making efforts to “blend” into the crowd because they know that the Russian aviation and Syrian government forces do not carry out strikes against civilians.

However, pictures of these people along with accusations brought against Russian aircraft of allegedly vandal bombardments of Aleppo have been spread all over Western TV screens since last week.

It came to the point that pictures of Aleppo destroyed long before the start of the Russian operation in Syria, are demonstrated by leading American and European channels as consequences of allegedly Russian bombardments.

As it is said, hand of experienced conductor is felt.

Therefore, it is not a tendency. Starting harping on the favorite tune with accusations against Russia of committing all deadly sins as well as hushing up the effectiveness of aviation activities in Syria as a state secret from the taxpayers became regular.

A recent example

Yesterday official spokesman of the Pentagon Colonel Steve Warren being in Iraq stated that allegedly Russian bombers had bombed two hospitals in Aleppo in the daytime.

According to him, as a result, allegedly about 50 thousand Syrians were deprived from vital services.

This official spokesman failed to give anything else. No information on the time, coordinates and sources of this data.

Just nothing

The Russian party had a night for examination of this information.

Nonsense of the rights activists from London is one thing.

But if it is declared by the Pentagon representative posing as a military professional – that is another thing.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has thoroughly analyzed all the data concerning the targets engaged yesterday in the Aleppo province.

First of all, Colonel Warren is likely to be disappointed – he did not guess.

Russian aircraft did not work near the Aleppo city yesterday.

The nearest target to the city was more than 20 km far from it.

Only aviation of the anti-ISIS coalition flew over the city yesterday: warplanes and strike UAVs.

As it has been promised previously to the American partners, this information will not be hidden any more.

Yesterday at 13:55 (MSK), two A-10 attack aircraft of the U.S. Air Force entered the Syrian air space from the territory of Turkey and reaching Aleppo by the shortest path made strikes against objects in the city so that one wouldn’t wish for more.

Colonel Warren, for some reason, did not make this mission public in the literal and even figurative sense.

The Russian party will not become similar to the American Colonel and it is to be said frankly: there had not been enough time to identify precisely those 9 objects engaged yesterday in Aleppo. Perhaps, there had been two hospitals among them. The Russian Defence Ministry will find it out.

The attention is to be paid to the fact that the situation is similar to the one where the Americans bombed a hospital in the city of Kunduz (Afghanistan) or positions of the Iraqi Army in Fallujah. The first steps are unsubstantiated statements against the Russian party – to divert all suspicion from themselves.

If it keeps going that way, the Russian Defence Ministry will have to hold two briefings every time: first for the Russian party and second for those guys from the coalition who consider themselves professionals.

Over and over again the Russian Defence department hears an old song that the Russian aviation is performing strikes NOT ONLY against ISIS terrorists.

Western refined experts must know that NOT ALL terrorists in Syria are walking with black flags and writings on their backs about belonging to a terrorist grouping.

The Russian Armed Forces in cooperation with partners have deployed a multilevel intelligence system providing credible target detection. Aviation strikes are carried out against assigned targets only after additional check of the received data and elimination of risks for the civilians’ lives.

Moreover, everybody already knows that detachments of the Syrian opposition are sharing reconnaissance data with us quite effectively. Today most of them are cooperating with the Syrian government.

Thus, on February 8, as a result of negotiations, the state flag of the Syrian Arab Republic has been risen in the settlement of Etbaa (Daraa province). Militants stopped resistance in the town and deliberately laid down their arms.

It is to be reminded that the Russian Ministry of Defence has openly addressed to the US and European representatives and suggested to exchange information on terrorists’ coordinates in Syria.

They have gratefully taken the Russian maps. Without a word in response.

But today they are criticizing the Russian party saying that the Russian aircraft are flying in the wrong areas and making strikes on wrong objects.

Perhaps there are updated maps to be sent?

Several months ago, the Russian Defence Ministry mentioned a tendency that the more successful the Russian strikes on terrorists are, the more the Russian party is accused of indiscriminate strikes.

Although, after examination of materials of the Western media, it seems that the cities and towns uncontrolled by the Syrian government are occupied only by representatives of temporal opposition and their rights advocates.

However powdered or fed the terrorist is – he will not become a member of opposition.

Attention is to be paid to the fact that the Pentagon has recently advised to change the Russian strategy in Syria in order to “help” the USA to assure the political transition of power.

The advisers are to be reminded that the objective of the Russian operation in Syria is elimination of terrorism which constitutes the real and evident threat to the security of Russia and the world.

All the political issues must be resolved only by the Syrians themselves, with international mediation. Not in the trenches, but at the negotiating table.

There have not been and will not be any other “strategies”.

In the recent five years, the Russian party has been observing the results of the Washingtonian strategies of “political transitions” in the Middle East and near the Russian borders. Instead of the “triumph of the democracy” – devastation, blood, refugees.

Is not it the reason for the fact that the transatlantic “strategists” have started talking about the necessity of “ground operations” in Syria and Libya?

Perhaps, the advisers should stop stepping on the same rake?

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
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