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Dozens of terrorists have been killed as the army goes on with its intensive operations against their positions and hideouts in various areas.

Over 70 Daesh mercenaries killed in Aleppo, terrorists’ key positions destroyed in Eastern Ghouta, fleeing terrorist gangs intercepted, attacked and annihilated in Damascus countryside, Hama, Idleb, Homs, Lattakia, Daraa, Sweida, Deir Ezzor


Units of the Syrian army, National Guardsmen, NDF, Hezbollah, in coordination with the Russian and Iranian allied forces are marching toward Raqqa, by reclaiming every inch of the territory, strengthening and securing the liberated areas, inexorably tightening its grip on Daesh, simultaneously bringing help and relief to people on for too long suffering.


VIDEO: The “Tiger” Division of the Syrian Arab Army, with the support of the National Defence Force and the Brigade “Desert Hawks” is beginning a major offensive along the strategic highway Aleppo – Rakka to liberate Aleppo Thermal Power Plant

The army’s air force carried out intensive sorties targeting hideouts of ISIS terrorists in al-Bab city and the villages of Jub Ghabsheh, Eibed, Souran, Tal Alam, Deir Qaq, Sarjeh and al-Zaalaneh, 30km north east of Aleppo city on Wednesday.

About 70 terrorists were killed and 70 others were injured in the airstrikes, said the source, adding that a number of vehicles and key positions for ISIS terrorists were destroyed.

In Aleppo city, army units targeted terrorist organizations’ sites in the neighborhoods of al-Rashidin, al-Ramouseh and al-Sakhour, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others.

VIDEO: Syrian Arab Army restores security to Masqan and Ahres villages in Aleppo northern countryside

Army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, restored security and safety to a number of areas in the eastern and northern countryside of the province in operations where fortifications and gatherings of terrorist organizations were destroyed.

This included villages of al-Taybeha and its farms, Kafar Naya, Masqan and Ahress.

VIDEO: Russian Su-27 deploys an unknown weapon over Haritan in the Aleppo northern countryside

Damascus Countryside

A key position for the terrorists was destroyed in Kafr Batna town in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.

The position was hit in army airstrikes that targeted sites of the terrorists of the so-called “Liwaa al-Islam” and “Jaish al-Islam” that are active in Eastern Ghouta.

Units of the army restored security and stability to a number of farms and  surrounding points in Tal Farzat to the west of Nashabiyah and a number of farms near al-Blaliyah in eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside.

Aid convoys enter al-Moaddamiyeh, Madaya and Zabadani, Damascus Countryside

A new aid convoy carrying tons of relief aid entered the towns of Madaya and Zabadani in Damascus countryside under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the United Nations less than a month after 88 trucks loaded with aid entered the town of Madaya. The convoy includes 59 trucks loaded with 15600 flour bags and about 4100 food rations in addition to medicines. A mobile clinic also entered Madaya on Wednesday to check the critical conditions in the town.

Meanwhile, a 35-lorry convoy of relief aid has entered al-Moaddamiyeh town in Damascus Countryside. A source in Damascus Countryside said that the aid includes 8800 flour bags, 4400 food rations, amounts of medicines and health equipment.

Damascus city: Masaken Barzeh

Perpetrators of the car bomb attack near the Police Club arrested

The Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday that the units concerned arrested the perpetrators of the terrorist car bomb attack near the Police Club in Masaken Barzeh area in Damascus city.

The bombing, which took place on February 9th, claimed the lives of three civilians and left 14 others injured.

In its statement, the Interior Ministry said the perpetrators’ confessions will be broadcast later today.

Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammad al-Shaar visited the site on the attack day and announced the formation of a committee from the Criminal Security and Police departments in Barzeh area “to know all the details” of the terrorist attack.


Units of the army killed and injured 27 terrorists while trying to attack positions on al-Qantara al-Shimalya-al-Rmeilah road in Hamad countryside.

Earlier, the army’s air force hit positions for Jaish al-Fateh and other terrorist organizations in Kafr Zita, Jeb al-Rayan and Kefr Nabbouda in the northern countryside of Hama province.

A number of vehicles and positions for the terrorists were destroyed and 7 terrorists were killed and 5 were injured in the airstrikes.

Sites for ISIS terrorists were also targeted in army airstrikes in al-Rahjan village, 50 km east of Hama city, where vehicles equipped with machineguns and hideouts including arms and ammunition were destroyed.

VIDEO: Ambush of the Syrian army, dozens of mercenaries killed in Hama

In the countryside of the neighboring Idleb province, 10 Jaish al-Fateh terrorists were killed and 19 others were injured in airstrikes on their positions in al-Hamediyeh, Abu al-Duhour and Khan Sheikhoun.

Field sources affirmed that the army killed at least 6 terrorists and destroyed their dens in special operations in Lahaya and al-Tamana’a villages in Hama and Idleb countryside.

Aid convoys enter Kafraya and Foua, Idleb countryside

VIDEO: Aid convoys enter Kafraya, Idleb countryside

An aid convoy entered on Wednesday the towns of Kafraya and Foua in Idleb countryside which are besieged by the terrorist organizations.

The towns of Kafraya and Foua which are located 10 kilometers to the north of Idleb city are besieged by Jaish al-Fateh terrorists and suffer from mortar and rocket terrorist attacks and car bombs in a desperate attempt to break the will of locals.


Units of the army destroyed dens, gatherings and vehicles for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Talbeisah, Tir Ma’ala, Ghantu and Kisin in Homs northern countryside.

The army’s operations in Homs eastern countryside targeted the terrorists in Tloul al-Sud, Rmeili on the road to al-Qaryatin, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their dens.

The army units also inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra in the villages of Rajm al-Qasr, Habra and al-Maqal’e in Tadmur countryside.


Army units restored security and stability to a number of villages and points in the northern countryside of Lattakia after inflicting heavy losses in personnel and munitions upon terrorist organizations.

Kinsabba (Kansaba)

Army units in cooperation with popular defense groups established control over the southern side of Shalaf citadel, Sheir al-Qaboa, al-Amouli Mountain and Point 422 and restored security and stability to the villages of Marj al-Zawiyeh near Kansaba and the villages of al-Aidou and al-Qastal.

Kinsabba (Kansaba)

This came after killing a number of terrorists and destroying their arms, ammunition and vehicles before the remaining terrorists fled away.


The army’s operations continued in Daraa al-Balad area in the southern province of Daraa, according to a military source.

The source said all members of a terrorist group were killed in the southeastern part of al-Manshiyeh neighborhood and a vehicle was moving near a terrorist position in the area surrounding al-Awqaf Department’s building was destroyed during the operations.

In the northeastern countryside of the neighboring Sweida province, an army unit targeted gatherings of ISIS terrorists and some of their fortified sites in Tal Fara, killing all members of a terrorist group and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Deir Ezzor 

Units of the army that defend the military airport of Deir Ezzor killed tens of ISIS terrorists while they were trying to the attack the airport from the eastern side.

The army’s air force destroyed 12 vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns for ISIS terrorists on the axis of al-Jneineh/al-Hisainiyeh in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, a military source told SANA Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, an army unit thwarted an infiltration attempt for a group of ISIS terrorists to al-Tharda Mountain in the eastern country side of Deir Ezzor, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their arms and equipment.

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