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by IWB, on February 17th, 2016 ~ Submitted by ‘The Old Sniper

Saudi Arabia and Turkey were sure that ISIS would win the war and Assad would be gone. Now that ISIS is losing and is on the verge of total destruction that Turkey and Saudi Arabia want to intervene to save ISIS.

The Nobel Prize Winner did not count on Russian intervention on his plan to balkanize Syria as wanted by Israel. This Neocon war is going awry and the West is freaking out. Even Merkel is asking for a no-fly zone over Syria and psychopath Soros is blaming Putin for the refugee crisis in Europe.

Already over 300,000 have been killed and over 1,000,000 injured in Obama’s illegal war in Syria. And his monsters, ISIS, are on the verge of total annihilation. And all the sponsors of ISIS including Obama are freaking out. Sometimes, things work out for the best in this world.

US Empire is at war with the world and Russia is the main force holding the criminal organization at bay.

In Syria, let’s cut to the chase. The alleged pro-democracy uprising that the Western media have been spinning for the last five years is this: it’s a covert war of aggression on a sovereign country for regime change.

NATO powers and their regional client regimes have weaponized the proxy assault forces who are comprised of myriad terrorist mercenaries.


That is standard operating procedure for the United States and its NATO allies, when outright conventional military attack on countries is politically unpalatable.

NATO member Turkey is now openly firing into Syrian territory. How’s that for the organization that claims to maintain global security?

We should not even dignify Ankara’s claims for its violation of international law. The fact is that it is attacking a neighboring country with artillery barrages. This is simply aggression, as the Syrian government has protested this week to the United Nations Security Council.

The irony of Turkey violating Syria’s sovereignty at the very same time that NATO leaders were pontificating in Munich about “security” is too much for words.

The irony of the US and Britain lecturing Russia over its legal military intervention in Syria to defend a state from NATO-backed subversion using terrorists is sickening.

Doubly sickening considering that Washington and London have been actively assisting in the Saudi bombing of Yemen for the past year during which every possible civilian center, including hospitals, schools, family homes and markets have been struck with horrendous death toll.



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Submitted by 'The Old Sniper' 
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