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US Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington is considering a “plan B” in Syria, if peace negotiations and the ceasefire fail. Media reports suggest that the backup plan could include the division of Syria.

Mr. Kerry’s comments came after Russia and the US agreed a document on the cessation of hostilities in the Arab republic. According to the deal, the ceasefire will start on February 27 and will last for one week.

The truce is applied to all parties of the conflict, which indicated their commitment to accept the terms of the deal, except for the terrorist groups Daesh and al-Nusra Front.

Commenting on John Kerry’s statement, Tim Anderson, distinguished author and senior lecturer of political economy at the University of Sydney, told Radio Sputnik that Washington is unlikely to launch a new military operation in Syria, noting that the White House has no appetite for an escalation of the crisis.

“They will keep using their proxies as they have always and from the plan B that they just announced we know that this has been in place for some time.”

“US intelligence almost four years ago said that partition of the country, a caliphate in the eastern part of Syria is exactly what the US wanted. So this is not really something new but it does show that the US is still continuing with its aggression against the Syrian state,” Anderson said.

He further spoke about how the US has been using its proxies in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to try and carve out a slice of the Northern part of Syria. But now that is all in retreat and the US is pondering what they can do about it.

“I don’t really think there is an appetite in Washington for an escalation of this crisis,” Anderson said.

He further spoke about the involvement of other interested parties in this conflict.

“It is very well known that Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have been supporting these groups. It has been admitted by a senior US official.”

Anderson noted that it is a very strange situation with a lot of double game that Washington has been playing.

“But how long will this charade continue for, that is the question,” the analyst said.

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