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The Syrian army units won back the strategic town of Khanaser, Southeast of Aleppo province, which was the scene of fierce battles in recent days.

The army’s latest advance in Aleppo province was made after heavy clashes with the terrorist groups in the region.

Military sources said on Thursday that tens of terrorists were killed and several others were injured in the battle.

The Syrian army killed tens of Takfiri terrorists in a counter-offensive on Daesh (so called ‘ISIS’: Ignorant Stupid Idiots Slavers) on Ithrya-Khanaser road on Wednesday.

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The army’s counter-offensive came after Daesh apes tried to attack the army units’ military positions along Ithrya-Khanaser road.

Heavy clashes are still underway in the surrounding areas of Khanaser town.


According to field sources, over 100 mercenary-terrorists have been killed in the fierce clashes with the Syrian army and popular forces.

In Southeast Aleppo, reports said on Wednesday that the Daesh apes left behind scores of their dead and wounded members and fled their strongholds near two key heights under the heavy offensives of the Syrian army and popular forces.


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The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces continued to push Daesh mercenaries back from their positions along the main supplying route of the government forces from Hama to Aleppo near the strategic town of Khanaser and imposed full control over the Tal Syriatel and Talal al-Sharghiyeh and their surroundings.

The government forces have started to fortify the newly-gained lands.

The Syrian army and its allies have repelled several Daesh attacks to break through the government forces’ lines of defense near Khanaser.


Earlier reports said that the Syrian army troops and their popular allies have prevailed over the DAESH foreign mercenaries defense lines in a town on one of the main supply lines of government forces.

The Syrian army, Liwa al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigade), the National Defense Forces, and the Cheetah Forces “Team 3” entered the important city of Khanaser after losing it to DAESH foreign mercenaries during clashes yesterday morning.

The Syrian government forces broke through the foreign mercenaries defenses at the Southern side of Khanaser this morning and secured the perimeter before they entered town.

In addition to their advance at Khanaser, the army troops and their allies also reentered the village of Shalaleh al-Kabireh after a violent battle with the DAESH foreign mercenaries that captured this site during their powerful assault yesterday; this village is located to the South of the recently captured town of Rasm al-Nafal.

If the Tiger Forces and their allies recapture both Khanaser and Shalaleh al-Kabireh, they will be only a 4 villages away from clearing the Khanaser-Aleppo Road.

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In Aleppo province the Syrian army took back several key areas in fierce battles fought along the strategic Khanaser highway


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