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Units of the Syrian Army and Syrian Armed Forces have made more progress in combating terrorism, killing foreign backed mercenaries, destroying their vehicles and restoring security and stability to more villages and areas in different provinces.


Damascus countryside

Terrorist organizations confirmed on Friday the death of 2 of their leaders in Darayya city in Damascus Countryside.

The terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages that the terrorist Faysal al-Shami known as “Abu Malik al-Mikdad” the leader of the so called “Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union” was killed in Darayya today.

The pages also admitted the death of the terrorist Imad Abu Mohamed, field leader in the so called “Islam Martyrs Brigade” in addition to a number of terrorists in the city.

Unfortunately we also have to report the death of a cameraman of the Syrian TV by snipers terrorists [VIDEO]


Aleppo-Khanaser road secured

In the northern province of Aleppo, Army units  restored security and stability to more villages and areas in the southeastern countryside of the province.

A military source said that Army units, serving in the southeastern countryside of Aleppo, secured the road from Aleppo to Khanaser and eliminated ISIS terrorists’ gatherings from the area after destroying their last gatherings and hideouts in the vicinity of the road.

Earlier in the day Syrian Army units restored security and stability the villages of Ma’anaya, Shalala Sagheira and Telal al-Za’arour in the southeastern countryside of the province.

Army units clashed with ISIS terrorists that ended with destroying a number of their hideouts and fortifications and escaping a number of them.

Army engineering units started combing the area and dismantled explosive devices and bombs left by terrorists to hinder the progress of the army.

Earlier Thursday, army units restored security and stability to Khanaser town in the southeastern countryside of the province, after eliminating the last remaining gatherings of ISIS terrorists who infiltrated into the town last Tuesday.


Security restored to Rasm al-Teineh and Mentar al-Hajaneh villages

In Hama Province, army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, restored security and stability to Rasm al-Teineh and Mentar al-Hajaneh villages in the eastern countryside of Hama, inflicting terrorists’ heavy losses in personnel and equipment.

The source added that army units strengthened their presence in the areas surrounding the Salmiya-Athreya Road in conjunction with securing the full road from Aleppo to Khanasser town after forcing out ISIS’ terrorists from the area.

In the eastern countryside of Hama, the source said the Syrian Air Force launched sorties against dens and gatherings of ISIS in the farms of al-Rahil, Rasit al-Hamra, Abu Habilat, Wadi al-Gharib, Harmla, Jub al-Mazare’e and al-Qetifia, destroying dens, vehicles, weapons and ammunition belonging to the terrorist organizations.

The Syrian Air Force strikes destroyed 2 vehicles belonging to the so called “Jaish al- Fatah” and killed 8 of its members in al-Zaka and al-Latamina towns in the northern countryside of the province, according to the source.

Later in the day,  the military source said that army units clashed with terrorist groups on the axes of Tal Hawir, Dhahrat Aleya, Tal al- Bazaq, Morek, Souran, Jeleen and Lattamenah in the northern countryside of the province.


An army unit targeted terrorists’ concentrations in the surroundings of Deir Fuul village east of al-Rastan city in the northern countryside of Homs province, killing a number of terrorists and destroying a vehicle loaded with munitions.

Another army unit destroyed a base and a hideout for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Tal al-Qatari area and Wadi al-Jihash in the surroundings of Talbiseh town north of Homs city.

In the northeastern countryside near the administrative liens with Hama province, army operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists resulted in destroying one of their bases and one of their hotbeds along with weapons and munitions in Wadi al-Midan east of Ezeddin village.


In the southern Province of Daraa, Army units killed and injured 20 terrorists and destroyed 3 of their vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns in Daraa al-Balad, a military source said.

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