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Syrian Air Force-firing-rocket


The Syrian Army Air Force carried out sorties during the last 24 hours against Daesh terrorists’ gatherings in al-Qaryatain town and Mahasa village cross road to the east of Homs city.

The sorties resulted in destroying positions and vehicles of Daesh mercenary-terrorists, and killing of a number of its members.

Earlier Monday, the Syrian air force inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists in personnel and destroyed their vehicles equipped machineguns in Al-Jafra, while Army destroyed a den for leaders of ISIS in Palmyra in Homs eastern countryside.

Deir Ezzor

The Syrian Army Air Force on Tuesday carried out sorties against Daesh mercenary-terrorists’ gatherings in Beit Dogheim, and al-Jafra to the east of Deir-Ezzor, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their vehicles, some of which equipped with machineguns.

A military source clarified that an army unit carried out accurate blows against dens and fortifications of Daesh in the neighborhoods of al-Hamidyeh and al-Roshdyeh, destroying many hideouts and hotbeds and killing many of the terrorists.

Russian Air Force destroyed a convoy of Daesh’s fuel tankers

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