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No links between cessation of hostilities
and start of intra-Syrian talks

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said there are no links between the cessation of hostilities and the start of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva.

“There are no links between the regime of cessation of hostilities and the start of [intra-Syrian] talks. All these processes should develop in parallel, in a stable way and at an increasing speed,” Russian TASS news agency quoted Lavrov as saying in statements on the sidelines of the Normandy Four group in Paris on Thursday.

The cessation of hostilities “is not limited in time”, added Lavrov, reiterating that “the ceasefire regime, humanitarian aid delivery, promotion of the political process that should cover all Syrian sides of the government and opposition.”

“There may be no preliminary links or conditions,” he said.

Lavrov noted that there were attempts to “present it like the regime was imposed for two weeks.”

“It’s a distortion, the ceasefire regime has no timeframes, there are no links with anything,” he said.

The Russian Foreign Minister pointed out that he is convening on March 9 in Geneva a meeting of the Syrian sides that will open the way for talks.

“This will be a process involving several groups of the Syrian opposition, and there will be contacts between the UN, various oppositionists and the government delegation. I hope they will later meet in one room,” he added.


Sergey Lavrov:
“Ceasefire won’t affect fighting terror”


3 civilians killed, 13 injured
in terrorist attacks in Deir Ezzor and Aleppo


Deir Ezzor/Aleppo, 4 March 2016 ~ Two civilians were killed and five others were injured on Friday due to a terrorist rocket attack on al-Qosour and al-Jora residential neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city.

Tterrorists from dAESH fired 6 rocket shells on al-Qosour and al-Joura neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city, claiming the lives of a man and a woman, injuring five others, and causing material damage to public and private properties.In the same context, one civilian was killed and eight others were injured on Friday evening due to terrorist rocket and mortar attacks on Aleppo city.

Local sources said that terrorists fired scores of rocket and mortar shells at al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in the city, killing one civilian, injuring eight others, and causing considerable material damage to citizens’ houses and properties.

Russian Defense Ministry: 41 breaches of cessation of hostilities by terrorist organizations during past 48 hours


Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday (4 March 2016) that 41 breaches of the cessation of fighting acts by the terrorist organizations were observed during the last 48 hours.

“Turkey bears full responsibility for the continued fighting in Idleb and Aleppo”, 

the ministry said in a statement by the Russian Center for Coordinating and observing the cessation of fighting acts at Hmeimeem base.

The ministry added that the arms shipments arrive daily from Turkey to the terrorists of “Jabhat al-Nusra” and “Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement”.

The Russian Defense Ministry had registered 72 breaches of the cessation of hostilities by the terrorist organizations since the agreement took effect on February 27th till yesterday.

The cessation of hostilities agreement does not involve Daesh (ISIS), Jabhat al-Nusra and other organizations listed on the international terrorism list.


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