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Syrian Arab Armed Forces General Command
vows continued combating terrorism

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces vowed to continue military operations, in cooperation and coordination with the friends and allies, against terrorist organizations till restoring security and stability to all Syria.

The General Command added, in a statement, that it was natural that the Army Commands of Syria and Russia agree on decreasing the presence of Russian Armed Forces in Syria in commensuration with the newly developments following the big successes achieved by our Armed Forces, in the war against terrorism in cooperation with the friendly forces ahead of them those of the Russian Federation, with Syrian Army’s taking the lead in military initiatives in facing terrorist organizations, with the latest developments of widening local reconciliations, with cessation of fighting operations on some fronts and the fled of big numbers of terrorists.

The General Command hailed the “Honorable role” played and still being played by the friendly Russian Forces and their sacrifices in the war against terrorism, stressing the continuation of military operations with “firm and determination” against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations and other affiliated terrorist organizations in cooperation and coordination with friends and allies and with the same previous pace till the complete elimination of such terrorist organizations and the restoration of security and stability to the whole country.



Hama Countryside:
Syrian Arab Army repels terrorist attack

Military source: Terrorist groups from the so-called “Liwa’a al-Iman” (Faith Brigade) on Monday violated the cessation of hostilities in Hama’s northern countryside along the direction of Um Hartin/Tal al-Zaatar/Maan.

Army and Armed Forces units repelled the terrorists’ attack, killing and injuring many of them and destroying several of their vehicles including 3 equipped with machineguns.

Later on Monday, the source said that terrorist groups affiliated to “al-Iman Brigade” attacked military checkpoints in the area surrounding Maan village to the north of Hama city in a new breach of the cessation of hospitalities agreement.

The source added that army units confronted the terrorist groups, destroyed 2 pick-up cars equipped with heavy machineguns and killed 6 terrorists.

Rain of BM-30 Smerch, TOS-1A and BM-27
by SAA on Daesh in Palmyra countryside

Latakia countryside:
hitting terrorist’s positions in Norther Lattakia

Latakia countryside:
SAA’s BM-21 missiles hitting Daesh base

Latakia countryside:
New‬ Intensive footage by ‪Russia‬n drone
of ‪SAA‬ bombardments Northern ‪‎Lattakia‬ ‪Salma‬

Syrian army controls the Shabib Mountains
and surrounding villages east Hnasser Aleppo

The return of 100 families to the village of Msagan
north of Aleppo after the Syrian army control it

Homs Countryside

Meanwhile, the army units established control over Points 853 and 600 near Wadi al-Qadahat to the direction of al-Hayal and al-Tar mountains in the eastern countryside of Homs.

Daesh gangs target Russia Today reporters in Hasaka

Daesh terrorists on Tuesday targeted a group of journalists near al-Shaddadi town in Hasaka northeastern province.

Media office of Russia Today Channel said that Daesh terrorists targeted with 6 mortar shells a media team from the channel near al-Shaddadi town to the south of Hasaka.

No injuries have been reported following the incident.

Terrorist organizations on Monday also targeted journalists from the Russian channel in the countryside of Daraa.

Syrian & Russian Military Reports, 14-15 March 2016
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