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(Alwaght) ~ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavoro says there is evidence that Turkish troops have invaded Syria. In an interview broadcast on Sunday, Lavrov accused Turkey of a “creeping expansion” on its border with Syria.

The comments by Lavrov are the latest confrontation between Moscow and Ankara, after Turkish jets shot down a Russian warplane near the Turkish-Syrian border in November.

“Turkey has started to declare it has a sovereign right to create some safety zones on Syrian territory,” Lavrov told Russian television channel Ren-TV. “According to our data, they have already ‘dug themselves in’ several hundred meters from the border in Syria. … It’s a sort of creeping expansion.”

Lavrov also said that Russia would insist the United Nations invites Kurds to peace talks on the Syrian conflict despite Turkey’s opposition.

Last December, Moscow also said it has evidence Turkey is involved in the smuggling of oil from areas held by ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Ankara has strongly rejected the claim.

Russian Defense Ministry officials showed satellite images at a briefing in Moscow, revealing that tanker trucks loaded oil at installations controlled by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, before entering neighboring Turkey.

Last February the Russian ambassador to the UN said Turkey is assisting ISIS terrorists in recruiting fellow Takfiris from the Caucasus and Central Asia to join the foreign-backed insurgency in Syria.

Vitaly Churkin made the comments in a February 10 letter sent to the UN Security Council, explaining that ISIS recruiters have s formed a network in the Turkish city of Antalya for foreign terrorists from the former Soviet Union.

He further noted that last September, 1,000 ISIS terrorists from Europe and Central Asia entered Syria from Turkey through the border crossing at Gaziantep.

Russia has accused the Turkish intelligence of helping to take ISIS terrorists from Syria to Yemen through Turkey via Turkish military air transport, or by sea to Yemen’s port of Aden.

Turkey also stands accused of buying oil from ISIS terrorist group. Late last year, Russia released satellite images, showing long lines of trucks carrying oil from ISIS-controlled areas in northeastern Syria into Turkey.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Israeli regime are among the major supporters of the Takfiri terrorists fighting to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since 2011.


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