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An honest Jew journalist and filmmaker, Max Blumenthal, outline the horrors produced by the Zionist entity in Gaza.
“To understand the Gaza strip, to understand why this is happening, you must understand Zionism, you have to understand how the ethnically exclusivist Zionist state is maintained”, Blumenthal said.
In this first-hand report on the July 2014 eruption of the decades-old Israel-Palestine conflict, Blumenthal looks closely at the political causes and the human consequences of fifty-one days of Israeli assaults on Gaza. The operations claimed 2,200 lives—mostly Palestinian, including 500 children—and displaced some 300,000.

We have to hear and see, not to forget the origin and cause of the Resistance, which has also produced the 5 years of war in Syria…and still threatens all peoples of the Middle East…and beyond …
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