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President al-Assad to Russian Ria Novosti and Sputnik news agencies: “Syrian military victories and support of friends will accelerate political solution”

President Bashar al-Assad affirmed that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army will affect the states and powers that are hindering the solution, because these states, mainly Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France and the UK, are betting on the failure on the battlefield in order to impose their conditions at the political negotiations.

The President added in an interview given to Russian Ria Novosti and Sputnik news agencies that the Russian military support and the support of friends provided to Syria and the Syrian military achievements will lead to the acceleration of the political solution, not the contrary.

 President al-Assad said “We didn’t change our stances, neither before the Russian Support, nor after it”, adding “We went to Geneva and continue to show flexibility.”

As for what some say that the victories of the army in the battlefield will strengthen the government’s position at Geneva talks and threaten the political process, President al-Assad said

There are those who accuse us and Russia of this, when trying to present Russia’s stance in countering terrorism as a support to the president or the Syrian government, and thus, as an obstacle in the way of the political process. Perhaps this could have been the case if we had not been flexible from the beginning, if we had really persisted. However, if you go back to the policy of the Syrian state five years ago, we responded to all the initiatives, without exception, coming from all sides, even if they were not true”.

President al-Assad went on to say that  the goal is not to miss a single chance for settlement, without trying it.

The full text of the interview will be posted on two parts on March 30 and 31 according to the page of the Syrian Arab Republic Presidency on Facebook.

SANA, Mazen Eyon
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