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Several agencies (Reuters, AFP, Sputnik, RT) have issued different statements about the fate of the 300 cement workers kidnapped a few days ago in Damascus countryside, but at the moment the only creditable source is SANA, which did not yet sent definite information on the health of employees and contractors of the al-Badiyeh Cement Company, a closed joint-stock company located north east of Abu al-Shamat area, in Damascus Countryside. Following the reports.


(SANA) ~ A group affiliated to ISIS terrorist organization kidnapped more than 300 workers and contractors from al-Badiyeh Cement Company- a closed joint-stock company located north east of Abu al-Shamat area in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Ministry of Industry said in a statement to SANA that the Ministry has been in contact with the company’s administration to inquire about the abductees and was informed that more than 300 workers and contractors were held by ISIS.

The company informed the Ministry that so far it has not been able to communicate with any of the kidnapped persons, the source added.

The Ministry will keep in contact with the company and the parties concerned to learn the place of the abducted workers and get to have them released, the source told SANA reporter.

In the same context, Nadim Kreizan, a local reconciliation official in Jeiroud area, told SANA over the phone that the locals in Jeiroud town, located in the vicinity of the company, saw some 125 of the company’s abducted workers being transported on board ISIS vehicles that headed towards Tal Dakweh on the outskirts of Eastern Ghouta where ISIS-linked terrorist groups are active.

The reconciliation committee in cooperation with locals in Jeiroud town received on Wednesday 106 workers from the Chinese Factory in al-Dmeir area who fled in fear from ISIS, Kreizan added.



(RT News) ~ Islamic State militants have killed 175 workers who were captured at a cement factory situated to the east of Damascus, Sputnik Arabic reported, citing its sources.

Reuters had earlier cited the Syrian military as saying that 175 workers from the Badiyah cement factory had been killed by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants.

However, the agency retracted its report shortly afterwards, saying that the sourcing on the story“was misattributed” and the report is “unconfirmed.”

Sputnik Arabic‘s sources said at least 75 plant workers managed to escape during the IS attack, while 175 others were reportedly killed.

On Thursday, Syrian SANA news agency reported a source in the Ministry of Industry who said that more than 300 Syrian civilians were missing following an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) attack on the Badiyah cement factory located outside Dmeir, about 50km to the east of the capital Damascus.

“The company has informed the officials that over 300 workers and contractors have been kidnapped by Islamic State militant group,” the military source told the agency.

A factory administrator told AFP that the factory workers have been unreachable since Monday.

“We haven’t been able to reach our family members since noon on Monday after an attack by Daesh [Arabic pejorative term for IS] on the factory. We have no information about where they are,” a resident of the town of Dmeir said on Thursday.

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