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  • New bill will require companies to allow access to encrypted devices.
  • U.S./NATO still training military in Ukraine.
  • UK and U.S. involved in drone wars in Yemen.
  • Lebanon is collapsing and John Kerry makes a surprise visit to Iraq.
  • Turkey and Saudia Arabia setup chemical weapons facilities on the border of Syria.
  • U.S. ships in massive amount of weapons.
  • Syrian air force destroys command center for Daesh.
  • U.S. and the ‘moderate cannibals’ say al-Assad is not cooperating and won’t step down.


No Role for Assad in Syria’s Future?
Democracy Saudi-Style vs. Democracy Syrian-Style


(By RichardEdmondson) ~ Iyad Ameen Madani, the secretary general of the so-called Organization of Islamic Cooperation, says “We don’t see a position for President Bashar Assad in any future Syrian solution.” The fact that Madani is a former official of the Saudi monarchy and that the “conference” where he made this statement took place in Turkey, one of the principle backers of ISIS, probably tells us all we need to know.

Nonetheless, Mark Glenn, in the video above, offers some additional thoughts on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Syrian people are voting today to elect members to their parliament–which is as it should be. All people should have the right to choose their own leaders–not have them selected for them by foreign governments.



People’s Assembly elections begin: large influx of population to the ballot boxes ~ President Bashar al-Assad statements ~ [Reports, Videos, Photos from across Syria

The People’s Assembly elections for selecting 250 members from over 3,500 candidates from across all Syrian provinces began at 7 AM on Wednesday April 13th, with voters beginning to arrive at the voting centers.

Voting centers, which number over 7,300, opened their doors to voters at 7 AM and will remain open until 7 PM. The duration of the elections can be extended for five hours by a decision from the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections.

Candidates began their elections campaigns on March 14th, which continued until the morning of Tuesday April 12th, at the same time as the judicial subcommittees for the elections announced their readiness to carry out and supervise the elections.

President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad voted Wednesday in the People’s Assembly elections at a voting center in al-Assad Library in Damascus.


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