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Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood of Damascus

15 killed by a car bomb in the south of Damascus

At least 15 people have been killed and 50 others injured in a car bomb explosion at an army checkpoint to the south of the Syrian capital of Damascus, on Monday 25/4/2016.

The Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen television channel said that the car bomb went off near the military checkpoint in the area of the Sayeda Zeinab Shrine to the south of Damascus on Monday morning.

The bomb struck al-Diyabiyah, a town that serves as one of the gateways for the many pilgrims from around the world who visit the holy site, the official Syrian news agency said.

Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood of Damascus-1

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the blast, but the Daesh mercenary-terrorist gangs has previously been blamed for similar attacks.

Multiple explosions in February killed scores of people in the Sayeda Zeinab area, in one of the bloodiest attacks there. A terrorist attack there less than a month earlier, claimed by Daesh, killed 70 people.

Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda Terrorists’ Attacks Kill 12 Civilians in Syria’s Aleppo, Hama

11 civilians killed, others injured in terrorist attacks in Hama and Aleppo

One civilian was killed and 4 others were seriously injured on Sunday 24/4/2016 as terrorists committed a new breach of the cessation of hostilities agreement by targeting al-Sqeilbiyeh city with 14 rocket and mortar shells.

SANA reported quoted a source at Hama Police Command as saying that the shells were fired from al-Jaberiyeh village were terrorists from “Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement” and Jabhat al-Nusra are operating.

Four of the shells hit residential neighborhoods, while the other 10 fell in the surroundings of the city, which is located in the northwestern countryside of Hama, according to the source.

In the same context, a source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA that a woman was killed and 6 civilians were injured Sunday in shelling attacks by terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other armed groups linked to it in Aleppo city.

Later, SANA’s correspondent in the province reported that the death toll of the rocket and mortar attacks carried out by terrorists on residential areas in Aleppo city within the past 24 hours rose to 10.

The correspondent quoted a source in the province as saying that in addition to the 10 lives they claimed, the terrorist attacks on the neighborhoods of al-Ashrafiye, Manyan, Saif al-Dawla, al-Khalidiye, Nile Street, al-Hamadaniye, and al-Mukambo injured scores of civilians and caused considerable damage to more than 100 houses, 7 mosques, 3 schools, and 20 cars.

Aleppo Governor Mohammad Marwan Ulabi and head of the Aleppo City Council Ayman Hallaq visited the neighborhoods of al-Khalidiye, Nile Street, al-Hamadaniye, and al-Mukambo, where they witnessed the clearing of the rubble from the damage caused by the attacks and talked to locals.

On Saturday 23/4/2016 terrorist gangs targeted residential neighborhoods with rocket shells, killing a woman and injuring 3 in al-Iza’a neighborhood in addition to killing 3 civilians and injuring 33 in al-Ashrafiyeh.

A terrorist rocket and mortar attacks on al-Khalidiya, al-Hamadaniyeh, al-Zahra’a, al-Sabeel, and al-Assad Suburb neighborhoods injured a total of 10 people, 3 of them children, and caused significant material damage to private and public properties.

In Damascus Countryside, a mortar shell fired by terrorists on al-Wafideen Camp area  left a child dead and a woman injured, according to a Police Command source.

Several residential areas in Damascus city were also shelled by mercenary-terrorists.

One of the shells landed on the roof of one of the houses in al-Salehiyeh neighborhood, while three others fell in al-Adawi neighborhood.

The terrorists also fired DShK rounds that hit buildings in George Khouri Square and near al-Tijara Park.

The attacks caused material damage only without any human casualties.


Syria calls on Security Council and UN Secretary-General to condemn recent terrorist attacks

24/4/2016 ~ Syria demanded that the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General to condemn immediately and sternly the recent terrorist attacks which targeted residential neighborhoods in Damascus, Damascus Countryside, and Aleppo provinces.

In two identical letters sent to the head of the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General on Sunday, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that Damascus city and Aleppo city were targeted on Saturday April 23rd 2016 with terrorist attacks by armed terrorist groups who fired 69 rocket shells, mortar rounds, and gas cylinders at them.

The letters said the shelling targeted in an arbitrary manner the areas and neighborhoods of Barzeh, al-Adawi, al-Abbasiyeen, al-Qassa’a, al-Tijara, al-Tadamon, Arnous, al-Malki, Harasta, Harasta Suburb, al-Wafidin Camp, and Adra in Damascus city and Damascus Countryside, in addition to the neighborhoods of al-Mukambo, al-Masharqa, al-Ashrafiye, al-Khalidiye, Jami’et al-Zahra’a, Masaken al-Sabil, and al-Hamadaniye in Aleppo city.

The Ministry said the aforementioned terrorist attacks claimed the lives of 11 civilians and injured 59, most of them women, children, and elderly people, in addition to causing massive damage to houses, schools, hospitals, and infrastructure in those areas.

The letters asserted that these attacks are part of a series of terrorist attacks that targeted many Syrian cities upon instructions from the Saudi and Turkish regimes in a bid to undermine both the Geneva talks and the cessation of hostilities agreement, noting that this was heralded by the withdrawal of the “Riyadh delegation” from the Geneva talks which instructed the terrorist groups it represents to shell Syrian civilians and cities.

The Ministry said these attacks are part of the ongoing daily breaches of the cessation of hostilities agreement carried out by terrorist groups masquerading as “opposition” such as Jaish al-Islam, Ahrar al-Cham, and the “free army,” among others, with these groups exploiting the Syrian Arab Army’s commitment to the cessation of hostilities agreement and the fact that it is exercising the utmost degree of self-restrain by not retaliating to these breaches.

The letters added that these attacks also prove the fact that the aforementioned groups are affiliated to ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terror organizations, despite the attempts by some states and regimes to market these groups as non-terrorist “moderate armed opposition.”

The Ministry said that these terrorist acts will not dissuade the Syrian Arab Republic’s government from continuing to fight terrorism and from working to achieve a political solution for the crisis in Syria via an intra-Syrian dialogue led by Syria, which would ultimately lead to eliminating terrorism and restoring security and stability to the Syrian people.

The letters were concluded by stating that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic demands that both the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General condemn these terrorist crimes immediately and sternly, in addition to demanding that the Security Council shoulder its responsibility in preserving international peace and security by taking deterring and punitive steps against the regimes and states that support and fund terrorism as per Security Council resolutions 2170, 2178, 2199, and 2253, in addition to calling for issuing these letters as an official Security Council document.

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