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(SF 27/4/2016) ~ The pro-government forces supported by Russian warplanes continued their operations against terrorist groups in the Lattakia province near the border with the neighboring province of Idlib. Reports said Al-Nusra militants sustained heavy casualties in cliashes with the SAA and the NDF in the outskirts of Kabani on April 26. Up to 45 militants were killed and injured.

In Damascus, the loyalist forces liberated from ISIS militants the Badr Brigade Base near the Dumayr Military Airport. The operation was a part of the ongoing efforts to secure the area of the Syrian capital.

The Russian warplanes conducted air raids against the militant positions near the villages of al-Mansoureh and Khan al-Assal in the Western part of the province of Aleppo. The Russian Air Force also targeted terrorists near the hilltop town of Tal al-Eis. The Syrian Arab Air Force conducted raids against the terrorist positions at the Western outskirts of the Aleppo city including Rashedeen 4.

ISIS seized 5 villages from the the Free Syrian Army and Jabhat Al-Shamiya militants in Northern Aleppo: Tahmoul, Jariz Kafrah, Fayruziyah, Tilal Al-Hussein and Dudiyan. Thus, the ISIS forces are successfully advancing in the direction of Azaz.


We remember, the tensions between ISIS and other militants escalated in Northern Syria after the FSA and its allies violated the ceasefire with the group in an unsuccessful attempt to expand the influence in the border region.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, militants of the al-Nusra Front terrorist group keep on arriving in the north-eastern regions of the Syrian province of Latakia from the territory of Turkey.

Russian Centre for reconciliation in cooperation with the Syrian government provided humanitarian aid to civilians, which had been evacuated from the Idlib province to the city of Latakia. Refugees have received about 2 tons of humanitarian cargos. Specialists of the UN and Red Crescent supported by Syrian leadership have delivered humanitarian convoy to al-Rastan in the province of Homs.


(SF 26/4/2016) ~ On April 25, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) took control of the Bala Al-Kadhima region of the East Ghouta, following heavy clashes with Jaysh Al-Islam and allied militant units. The control of Bala Al-Kadhima allows the government forces to split the militant forces in the region and cut off the supplies to Deir Al-‘Assafir and Zibdeen. Now, the Syrian forces are going to advance on Harasta Qantara and Hawsh Jarabo.

The SAA and the allies are advancing in the province of Homs with special attention to the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway. Following the recent gains near Palmyra, the Syrian forces deployed near the ISIS-controlled town of ‘Arak. If the oil-rich town is liberated, the next expected target of the loyalists is T-3 Military Airport.

Iraq’s forces continue military operations in the province of Anbar. Following the liberation of the Hit city, they are advancing inside the ISIS-controlled village of Dulab, which is located between Al-Bagdhadi and Hit.


Iraqi volunteer forces engaged in clashes with Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in the town of Tuz Khurmatu during the late hours of April 23. 9 people were killed and 30 others wounded during the fighting that broke out when a small explosion near the positions of the two sides sparked shootings between the communities in neighborhoods across the town. The death clashes continued on Sunday. The two sides’ delegations have been reportedly holding discussions in Tuz Khurmatu since late Sunday as military reinforcements are reportedly gathering outside the town.


(SF 25/4/2016) ~ On April 24, Syrian forces launched a military operation in the Bala Farms located in rural Damascus to liberate the area controlled by the Jaysh Al-Islam militant group. Bala Kadimah became the first target of the advance covered by artillery units and warplanes. This operation is a part of wider strategy aimed to cut the militants’ supply routes to the East Ghouta.

At least 100 militants were killed in the army offensives on their military positions in al-Rashidin region of the Aleppo city. The fierce clashes came after the militants attacked the government forces’ positions in al-Rashidin 4 neighborhood and Al-Assad Suburb.


The Syrian Arab Army has reportedly received a banch of new-generation man-portable battlefield surveillance radars for company level, called “Fara-1″. The report came from Russian media outlets which cite each other. The FARA-1 detects moving targets (personnel and vehicles) against background of earth and water surfaces at a distance of 4 km. The FARA-1 is lightweight, not bulky, and can be carried by one man. It is multifunctional, and can be used as a radar sight for automatic weapons, or as a reconnaissance tool.


On April 24, U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered 250 additional soldiers to be deployed to Syria boosting the U.S. military presence up to 300 personnel. The US sent 50 special forces troops to Syria last year and, according to reports, a contingent of the new force would also be special forces. We remember, Obama has also said in the past that the US plan to defeat Islamic State would not “involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil”. Thus, the White House confirmed SouthFront’s prediction that the so-called “Kurdish advance” on the ISIS capital of Raqqa will involve directly the US military contingent as a spearhead. Considering that the operation is planned by the US military and supported by the US Air Force, it is clear that the Pentagon no longer hopes that it’s possible to liberate Raqqa without direct involvement in the conflict.

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