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"Fara-1" man-portable Russian surveillance radar

Reports by Ziad Fadel, SyrianPerspective


The Syrian Army’s crack special operations units have conducted another flawless assault on Alqaeda rodents west of village of Al-Arba’een only a few hours ago.  The village is in the northwest area of the province which is crawling with all kinds of terrorist vermin.  This particular nest of rats was equipped with advanced satellite communications gear financed by the Saudi pimp regime and supplied by the criminal junta in Ankara.  It was the satellite equipment which gave them away as Syria’s electronic counter-measures are becoming increasingly informative.  Once they were spotted, SAA-SF units moved around the village setting up fire corridors.  The first target was a Mitsubishi flat bed truck with boxes of weapons and ammunition.  That was blown into smithereens by a Kornet rocket.  When the vehicle exploded, over 25 rodents came out of an agricultural structure firing their weapons at anything.  The SAA opened fire in a more lethal and exact way killing a confirmed 8 rodents.   All carcasses carried Nusra/Alqaeda identification and all were non-Syrian.  According to Wael, the majority of the dead were Turks.


Al-Sutayhaat and Khunayfis Villages:  Both the SAA and PDC mounted a successful assault on another Alqaeda/Nusra encampment in the eastern part of the province.  The attack started with mortars and was followed by a frontal attack with 1 T-72 tank and a Shilka supported by a platoon of infantrymen.  The rodents were seen trying to leave the area but were cut down by intense ground fire, the Shilka making mincemeat out of the rodents.  Here are the only Syrians in the pile of 30+ carcasses:

  • Naassir Munayyir
  • ‘Abdul-Salaam Qarqoot
  • Mahmoud Muhammad ‘Ali-Hassan
  • Ameen Kahhaala
  • Firaas Muhammad Darwaza

Al-‘Ammayh Village:  At the intersection, east of Al-Sa’an Town, the Syrian security services planted an IED inside a Toyota Van with a Turkish license plate.  The target finally appeared inside a dark sedan seated in the rear.  As soon as the vehicle neared the van, an agent triggered the remote detonator and avulsed this stinking, purulent scavenger:

  • Moussa Al-Sawwaan (Nusra leader)
  • Shaadi ‘Abdul-Rahmaan (Driver)


Syrian Air Force struck convoy of ISIS trucks

The Syrian Air Force struck a 20 +/- convoy of trucks belonging to ISIS on the road leading to the Third Petroleum Station near the City of Palmyra killing over 18 rodents and wounding scores.  A report indicates the SAA is on its way to the scene in order to kill any ISIS survivors. 


Kafr Sijna:  The SAA invaded and destroyed a major Nusra/Alqaeda command-control center which contained more electronic evidence of Turkey’s role in the terrorism in Syria.  No other details available.

Ma’saraan Village:  Another cleverly placed IED by the SAA-SF resulted in the vaporization of a leader of a group called “Ansaar Al-Haqq”, a franchise of Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islaamiyya.  It happened on the road to this village located in the southern part of the province.  Taking a page out of the Saudi Arabian terrorism manual, the SAA demonstrated what T.E. Lawrence once wrote about Syrians in his book, “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, to wit:  Syrians were an apelike people with Japanese quickness.  He did not mean Syrians looked like apes!  It’s just that the word “ape” means to “copy” or “imitate”.  The Saudis have all the valid claims to simian characteristics.

Sa’ood ‘Assaaf Abu Maazin (I have it on the best authorities that he is now checking out Mephisto’s George Foreman Grill – unfortunately for him– with too much intimacy.)



I have confirmed what one of our readers reported yesterday:  a leader of ‘Alloosh’s crumbling organization, Jaysh Al-Fath, one Muhammad Maaher Al-Buwaydhaani was killed in the East Ghoutaa by another pesky Syrian Army rocket.



Nusra/Alqaeda had a really bad day in this area yesterday and today.  Although I don’t have detailed reports, heavy fighting is reported in the Al-Arba’een Quarter, Al-Karak, Al-Bihaar, Al-Naaziheen Camp where an Alqaeda C&C nest was annihilated, 3 mortar launch pads destroyed, 1 mortar seized and numerous fortifications brought down.



By Ziad Fadel, SyrianPerspective
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