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Hamas, the shameful traitors of the Palestine and Arab cause, show once again their true face by defending the mercenaries-terrorists that are bloodying Aleppo, showing their well-paid enslavement to the Saudis tyrants and Erdogan regime


On 1 May 2016, Hamas’s political bureau has released the following statement:

“We strongly condemn the massacres which the Syrian city of Aleppo is being exposed to and have claimed the lives of dozens of civilians and wounded many others”.

“Hamas strongly denounced the heinous massacres that are being committed by the Syrian and Russian regimes against the civilians in Aleppo city”.

“It hurts us to see the blood of the Syrian people being shed incessantly”.

“Hamas expresses its sorrow for the continued bloodletting that is happening to the dear people of Syria. The blood and pain of Aleppo people are ours”.

These would be ridiculous statements, but in addition to being outrageous, it demonstrate the bad faith of those who have pronounced them.

Hamas does not mention all the terrible acts of terrorism (which we reported recently here and here) committed in these days by terrorist gangs linked to al-Qaeda, Jabat al-Nusra Front, Hara al-Sham, the FSA and various accompanying Obama’s cannibals.

Hamas does not say that these gangs of terrorist-mercenaries (which Hamas defends) are armed by the U.S. and Israel (which we recently reported the seizure of Israeli weapons carried by Syrian security forces), and even says that these mercenaries are tied closely to Saudi Arabia, a tyrannical regime allied to the U.S. from which it receives weapons and protection internationally. Articles regarding this topic reported on this website are countless, just search on top for “Saudi Arabia, Turkey, terrorist gangs”.

Hamas does not say that these gangs of mercenary-terrorists come from the Turkish territory and are trained in Turkish territory under CIA assistance. From the Turkey itself which has sacked Aleppo, robbing all the industrial wealth and ravaging its historical and cultural treasures, doing carnage of its population, that the terrorist gangs so dear to Hamas are using as human shields in the areas they occupy.

If Hamas does not denounce the real atrocities and injustices committed against the Syrian people, without doing the bullhorn of the Zionist and Western propaganda, it is not worthy of being paladin of the Syrian people, but instead proves to be a puppet in the hands of foreign powers which in words Hamas says to counter, but under which it is in facts a useful tool, or rather…a useful idiot.

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