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Six civilians killed, others wounded
in terrorist attacks on Aleppo neighborhoods

Aleppo, R.J/ Ghossoun 3 May 2016 ~ Six civilians were killed on Tuesday and scores were injured according to initial toll due to terrorist attacks with rocket shells on residential neighborhoods in Aleppo City.

A source at Aleppo Police Command said that terrorists fired rocket shells on the neighborhoods of al-Neel Street, al-Siryian, al-Khalidyia, al-Moukambou, al-Sabil and the surroundings of al-Rahman mosque leaving 6 civilians killed and 37 injured.

The source indicated that the terrorist attacks caused a huge material damage to the houses and proprieties of the civilians and to the infrastructure in the targeted neighborhoods.

A source at Aleppo Health Directorate said that most of the wounded civilians are children and women and their injuries are severe as the number of the killed civilians might increase.

On Monday, four civilians were injured when a mine planted by ISIS terrorists went off in Taban village in Hasaka southern countryside and a number of persons were wounded in another terrorist attack with rocket shells on Ayn al-Kroum village in Hama northwestern countryside.


Several civilians injured due to
terrorist attacks in Hasaka, Hama

Hasaka, Qabas/ Manal 2 May 2016 ~ Four civilians, including a child, were injured when a mine planted by ISIS terrorists went off in Taban village in Hasaka southern countryside.

A source at Hasaka police command said in a statement that a mine which was planted earlier by ISIS terrorists in Taban village in the southern countryside of Hasaka exploded, injuring four civilians of the same family, including a child.

On April 20th, two people were injured due to a mine blast in al-Haddajah village in the southern countryside of Hasaka.

Several persons injured in terrorist attack
with rocket shell on Hama countryside 

Meanwhile, a number of persons were wounded in a terrorist attack with rocket shells on Ayn al-Kroum village in Hama north-western countryside.

A police source said that a terrorist group positioned in Tal Hwash in eastern al-Ghab targeted the village with 6 rocket shells.


The mercenary gangs of terrorists at the American-Saudi-Turkish-service are blatantly losing out on all the Syrian territory.

The reinforcements of new mercenaries sent from Turkey have not been able to go a long way towards Aleppo and were annihilated before.

Therefore, the remaining terrorists were trapped in residual pockets in Aleppo and have received orders from their masters to intensify the terrorist attacks against the civilian population, to give time to the U.S. imperial diplomacy-machine and to the enslaved-media to falsify the events, make the world believe that the bad guys, who shoot on the population, are the Syrian and Russian military, to find the ‘casus belli’ for unleash a war of more far-reaching against the Syrian (…and Russian…) sovereignty…

But the Syrian army guys, and their allies, have never fired against the civil population, composed by their own fathers, mothers, brothers: they would not have even today the popular support of the vast majority of the population.

The glorious and patriotic Syrian Army, made up of members of the same population, has always and only attacked the mercenaries and terrorists to the service of foreign powers, headed by the US.

Those who have even just a ounce of good sense knows it.

Do not get sucked in by the NATO and Gulf’s mediatic sorcerers and try to clearly understand one thing only, then the rest will be easier to interpret: in Syria there is no “Civil War”, there are no “rebels” nor “resistants”, but only an entire nation, people and army, lucky to have a brave and honest president, who fight and resist against a foreign aggression by criminal psychopaths, both the marionettes that their puppeteers overseas…

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