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Ziad Fadel Reports  ~  by SyrianPerspective


The Western Press is as deluded as the Saudi-funded terrorists.  Trying to pin blame on the SAA for striking a field hospital run by terrorist-enabling quacks and spies like the MSF did nothing to shake the belief of hundreds of millions that this war is a crime against the Syrian people.  Now, plumbing to even deeper depths than one can possibly imagine, the MSM is trying to blame our army for bombing a hospital inside government-held territory!  It’s becoming a laugh riot.  And, of course, it really makes no difference.  Here’s a little secret:  Why haven’t the Western Media not conducted polls to see how their constituents feel about a war against Syria?  Would that not be normal to buttress some foreign policy around that principle?

Here’s the truth, Gallup and other pollsters have done exactly that and found out that people support President Assad in his war against terrorism.  My friend who lives in Washington D.C., in Virginia, told me exactly that in a telephone conversation last week.  A polling company called him and asked how he would feel if the U.S. deployed troops to Syria to help to oust President Assad.  When he said he was a supporter of Assad, the individual who made the call did not seem shocked.  My friend, Tori Butler, asked the pollster whether he found the answer to be “out of the ordinary”.  The young male replied that it was a common response.


The SAA has regained total control over the ‘Family House’ area, on the border of Al-Zahraa` District.  We are delighted to inform our readers that a group calling itself the Army of Nooreddeen Zangi took a battering to the tune of 74 dead rodents and 180 confirmed wounded.  Try to figure out who set up the Army of Nooreddeen Zangi with these little facts.  He was a scion of a Seljuq Turkish family which ruled Aleppo.  He was the Atabeg of Aleppo from 1146 – 1174 A.D.  Can you now guess?

SANA gives us scenes from the liberation of ‘Family House’ here:

This group is run exclusively by the Turkish MIT under the leadership of Hakan Fidan with some help from English buffoons liaised with the SAS or MIT, acting as “independent contractors”.  But, make no mistake, this entire murder of English rats was established by order of David Cameron, the embattled prime minister of the “sceptered isle” now owned by the simian Arabians.

The group is made up of mostly Turks, some of whom speak Arabic because they worked in the Persian Gulf kissing Arabian derrieres or screwing in light bulbs for the shiftless denizens of the desert.  Another group that was allied to it in this area was the Jaysh Al-Muhaajireen wa Al-Ansaar which has many recruits from the Gulf area.  In any case, this army of goofballs found itself in quite a pickle when they were ordered to withdraw just as Syrian Armor was hastening to surround them.  It resulted, in any case, in a massacre as dazed vermin scampered about with no organized plan for withdrawal.  Imagine our delight when they made a run for it westward with several Shilkas tearing into them like buckshot at a sitting duck.  All told, the carcasses were 74 with many left writhing from bullet wounds and shrapnel.

Other areas where the rodents were utterly routed from their holes were the Al-Zahraa` Association, the Air Force Intelligence complex, the Great Prophet Mosque and the Al-Zahraa`-Layramoon Axis.


lattakia-Humaymeem area

Don’t believe any folderol about Russian bombers leaving the Humaymeem area.  It just ain’t so.


homs-Al-Shaaer Mountain

Al-Shaa’er Mountain

The SAA has opened up an alternative route to oil fields in the shadow of this mountain due to extremely intense fighting between the army and ISIS.  ISIS has failed in every single attempt to regain control over the profitable oil derricks in the area.  ISIS is going broke.  And, Erdoghan’s family is losing millions.  But, judging by events in Ankara, they may have to worry about a lot more than that soon enough.



The Syrian Army killed the leader of a group called Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob (Unity of the South Brigade, yawn.  He was called “Ibraaheem Fawzi Al-Masaalima, a scion of a large clan of Hawraanis.  He was killed near the Old Customs Building.


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