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More than a century has passed since the execution of Syrian nationalists and intellectuals at al-Marjeh Square in Damascus by the Ottoman’s ruler Jamal Basha, who was known as al-Saffah (the blood shedder), on May 6th, 1916.

The Martyrs’ Day occasion holds very special significance for the Syrian people who stress their determination to make sacrifices and offer more martyrs in order to defending their homeland’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.


On this day, the Syrian people salute those who sacrificed their souls for the sake of protecting their homeland and the Syrian army soldiers who are fighting in the battlefields.


The Syrians reiterated their adherence to follow their predecessors starting with May 6th martyrs, Yousef al-Azmeh and his colleagues’ struggle against the French occupation and the heroes of October Liberation war.


Neither the Ottoman ruler Jamal Basha nor the Turkish-backed terrorist organizations’ heinous crimes will undermine the Syrians’ willingness to defeat terrorism, the last of which targeting Aleppo city with hundreds of rocket and mortar shells over the past ten days which caused the martyrdom and the injury of hundreds.


Unveiling of a monument to the martyrs
(Arnh town, Damascus countryside)

Celebration of martyrs in the Sweida

By R. Raslan / Ghossoun, SANA 6 May 2016
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