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Civilian killed, several injured including TV reporter in terrorist rocket attacks on Aleppo

A civilian was killed when terrorist groups targeted with rocket shells al-Hamadaniyeh neighborhood in Aleppo city and Ifreen city in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo on Saturday.

A source at Aleppo police command said that terrorists fired a rocket shell on the locals’ houses in al-Hamadaniyeh neighborhood in Aleppo, killing a civilian and causing material damage to properties.

Late, the source said that terrorists fired a rocket shell at al-Faidd neighborhood in the afternoon, injuring one civilian and causing material damage to al-Bash gas station.

Later still, Syrian Satellite Channel correspondent in Aleppo Shadi Hilwe was injured when terrorist fired a rocket shell at the Radio and TV Center in the city as Hilwe was exiting it.

SANA’s correspondent in Aleppo stated that the cameraman accompanying Hilwe, Sharif Abse and technician Ahmad Morli were also injured in the attack, and that the three were hospitalized, adding that Hilwe was admitted into an operating room for treatment from the shrapnel injuries he sustained due to the attack.

SANA’s correspondent reported later that Hilwe underwent a successful surgical procedure and that he’s stable, and that Abse and Morli are also stable, while driver Somar Wassouf who sustained severe injuries in the attack is still receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, local sources in Ifreen said that terrorist groups fired on Saturday afternoon five rocket shells on residential neighborhoods in the city, causing massive damage to locals’ houses and public and private properties.

On Friday, a woman was killed and two other civilians were injured when terrorists fired rocket shells on Sallah-Eddin neighborhood in Aleppo city.


5 civilians killed in terroist car bomb attack in Qamishli

Five civilians were killed and a number of others were injured in a terrorist car bomb attack in Qamishli city in the northeastern Hasaka province.

A source at Hasaka Police Command said that a suicide terrorist driving a car packed with large quantities of explosives blew himself up at al-Hilaliyeh roundabout in central Qamishli city.

Reports confirmed that five civilians were killed and many others were injured, said the source, noting that the death toll is likely to rise as some of the injured are in critical condition.

The bombing caused huge material damage to some shops, houses and cars in the area.

SANA, Aleppo
SANA, Hasaka
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