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(Al-Alam) ~ Hezbollah announced on Saturday the result of investigations conducted over the martyrdom of Hezbollah martyr leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine near Damascus airport.

Hezbollah said in a statement that the explosion “which targeted one of our positions near the Damascus International Airport and led to the martyrdom of Sayyed Zulfikar, the martyr leader’s nom de guerre, was caused by an artillery bombardment carried out by Takfiri groups stationed in the region.”

“The outcome of the investigation will only increase our determination and will to continue the fight against these criminal gangs and deal them a mighty blow so that we fulfil the martyr’s wishes and advices to his Mujahideen brothers,” Hezbollah assured.

In all cases, the statement continued, it is a single battle against the American-Zionist project in the region, which terrorist Takfiris represent its spearhead thus practicing its aggression over the Ummah (nation) and its resistance, Mujahideen, sanctuaries and its free, honest peoples.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem had promised yesterday that the party would announce in few hours all the details of the explosion that claimed martyr Badreddine’s life.

In a statement early on Friday, Hezbollah said that a huge blast hit one of the resistance centers near Damascus airport but added an investigation committee was conducting an investigation to verify the nature of the explosion.

Sheikh Qassem confirmed at martyr Badreddine’s funeral in Beirut’s southern suburbs Hezbollah’s determination to continue the fight against the Zionist enemy and its allies, saying the Zionist entity and the Takfiris received painful blows in the past few years and any of them may be involved in the attack, Al-Manar reported.


The Debate: Israel Anti-Hezbollah Attacks

The fight against Daesh terrorists in Syria is seen as a noble endeavor when carried out by a US-led coalition which has achieved questionable results. Yet, when Hezbollah successfully fights the very same terrorists, it is belittled, sanctioned, declared a terrorist group itself by those very countries claiming to fight Daesh, and its commanders are targeted for assassination by Israel. The latest such Hezbollah official to be killed is Mustafa Badreddine. Suspicion has once again fallen on an Israel which has shown its intentions time and again by carrying out airstrikes in Syria, treating anti-Damascus militants in its hospitals, and assassinating Hezbollah commanders. In this edition of the Debate, we discuss the assassination of Hezbollah’s Mustafa Badreddine.

Al-Alam, 14/5/2016
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