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Syrian Army-Take back Al-Assad Hospital from ISIL in Deir Ezzur

(FNA) ~ The Syrian Army troops and tribal fighters, in a rapid attack, pushed the ISIL back from al-Assad Hospital in the Western suburb of Deir Ezzur city and ended the terrorists’ hours-long control over part of the medical center, city sources said.

“The ISIL terrorists, who stormed the hospital on Saturday and captured part of it, were attacked by the Syrian soldiers and their tribal allies,” the sources said, adding, “The entire ISIL members were killed right on the spot.”

“The hospital is under the full control of the Syrian government forces,” the sources said.

“A number of physicians and medical staff, taken hostages by the ISIL, were freed in the army attack,” they added.

“The ISIL terrorists executed brutally some of the hostages before the army’s attack,” the sources went on to say.

Reports said on Saturday that the Syrian army laid siege on a group of ISIL terrorists in the surrounding areas of al-Assad Hospital in the suburbs of Deir Ezzur city as militants were trying to capture the hospital.

Heavy clashes occurred between the Syrian army and the ISIL terrorists near al-Assad Hospital in al-Baqaliyeh region in the Western suburbs of Deir Ezzur city.

Meantime, the Syrian fighter jets hit hard the ISIL’s military positions and gathering centers in the surrounding areas of Deir Ezzur airbase.


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