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(X22Report submitted by ‘The Old Sniper‘)
#Companies are now reporting more layoffs are on there way. #Gold was suppressed today by the central bank. #Empire Fed Manufacturing declined. #2nd Q earnings reports does not look good. #Stock buybacks are slowing down and are now at 2009 levels. #China’s largest bank is slowly corning the market on gold. #UK company owners say companies create jobs not government. #Obamacare employer mandate is going to be a disaster. #The Obama administration is pushing permitted speech not free speech. #TSA pushing to have everyone tracked using pre-checkin. #FBI and other agencies are spying on Americans by hiding microphones in public places. #Venezuela is imploding and the US is preparing for the coup. #Kiev will resume talks after OSCE policy are disbursed in the South Easter area. #US holding war games in Romania. #US and the coalition forces planning a large scale attack in Northern Syria, Turkey is on high alert for terrorist attacks which will mostly likely be used to start the offensive.