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Damascus ~ The media office at the Syrian Arab Republic’s Presidency denied what had been published by the Telegraph newspaper about President Bashar al-Assad handing over a “kill list” of 25 British nationals who joined ISIS, , fourteen of whom have already been killed.

These allegations came in an article by Robert Verkaik and Robert Mendick that the British newspaper published and parts of which were republished on Mail Online website.

The office described the information in the article as “completely untrue”, adding that it addressed two letters to the media outlets that published the article explaining that the information are completely baseless.

The Presidency office said the issue had not come up in any meeting between any of the visiting British delegations and President al-Assad.

“Any terrorist of any nationality on the Syrian land will be fought by the Syrian security forces and military,” the office added, calling on the two media outlets that published the article to make an apology for publishing it without verifying the information in it and to delete it from the site.


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