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Fallujah Freed

(FNA) – Iraq’s Police Chief on Friday declared full liberation of Fallujah after the two-year-long Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS) control over the strategic city.

Commander of Iraq’s Federal Police Major General Raed Shaker Judat appeared on the country’s national TV in an interview carried out at the center of Falluja, declaring that the city has been completely purged of Daesh terrorists.

Meantime, Fallujah Liberation Operation Commander Abdol-Wahhab Saedi told the state-run TV that his forces are in control of the entire city and state buildings now.

Iraqi government troops continued their advances in the city of Fallujah on Friday by winning back new strategic regions. The police and security forces seized back al-Arsan and al-Nazal regions as well as the governor’s building of Fallujah city earlier today. The ISIL terrorists had planted bombs in Fallujah governor’s building.

The government forces also purged terrorists from the entire Western bank of the Euphrates River.

On Thursday, government troops restored security to newly-liberated district of Shuhada in Southern Fallujah after they made a significant advance in the battle against ISIL militants in the Fallujah.

The victory by the Iraqi forces came as they continued their clashes with ISIL militants in Iraq’s Western province of Anbar.


Iraqi Police Discovers 3 Prisons in Fallujah City

(FNA) – Commander of Iraq’s Federal Police Major General Raed Shaker Judat disclosed that after the liberation of the Fallujah his forces have discovered three different kinds of prisons in the city.

“Police forces managed to discover a religious court in Hay Nazal region in the center of Fallujah which contained three prisons in itself,” the Arabic-language Sumeria News website quoted Shaker Judat as saying on Sunday.  

He noted that the first prison was used for torturing and jailing the ordinary people and one of them was used for jailing the ISIL militants.


Iraqi Forces Continue Advances in Anbar Province

Iraqi Forces Continue Advances in Anbar Province, Destroy over 340 Suicide Vehicles

(FNA) – The Iraqi forces continued their advances to the North of Fallujah after purging terrorists from most of the regions in the city and destroying over 340 of their bomb-laden vehicles used for suicide attacks.

“The Iraqi forces are working hard to take control of the surrounding areas of Fallujah city as they have destroyed a sum of 346 of their suicide vehicles,” a battlefield source told FNA on Sunday.

The battlefield source said that several ISIL suicide attackers tried to slow down the mop-up operations in the Northern part of Fallujah city, but the Iraqi forces’ vigilance prevented them from achieving their objective.

Earlier on Sunday, Iraqi Army’s Baghdad Operations Command announced the liberation of 40 more areas in Fallujah from the ISIL control, while the command reported deaths of over 500 ISIL members as the operation to restore security in the Western city continues.

“The joint security forces, during the liberation operations of Fallujah, managed to liberate 40 more areas from the ISIL control,” the spokesman for Baghdad Operations Command, Brigadier General Saad Moen, said in a press statement.

The spokesperson pointed out that the security forces killed “over 500 ISIL members during the battles, in addition to dismantling tens of explosive devices and booby-trapped vehicles”.

“Fallujah is now under the control of the security forces except few areas that will be liberated completely in the coming days,” General Saad Moen concluded.


Mosul Liberation Is Near

Mosul Liberation Is Near

(FNA) – Iraqi premier congratulated the nation for the liberation of Fallujah from the grip of the ISIL, saying there is no place in his country for the Takfiri terrorists.

“We promised you the liberation of Fallujah and we retook it. Our security forces control the city except for small pockets that need to be cleared within the coming hours,” Haider al-Abadi said in a brief speech broadcast on state television on Friday night, press tv reported.

“There is no place in Iraq for you and you will be punished for all the crimes you have committed. The Iraqi people are all united against you. Get out of our country, for Iraq is for Iraqis,” Abadi further said, addressing the terrorists.

The Iraqi premier also promised that the liberation of Mosul – ISIL’s de facto capital in the country since June 2014 – is very close as it is the Iraqi forces’ “next destination” in their campaign to flush the militants out of the country.

Addressing the inhabitants of newly-liberated Fallujah, he said troops from across the country did their best to protect them and bring back peace and security to the city.

On Friday, army forces raised the Iraqi national flag over the main government compound in Fallujah, symbolizing the recapture of the beleaguered western city from ISIL. The forces met limited resistance from the terrorists, who were fleeing the city. Fallujah, in the western province of Anbar, is located about 69 kilometers (43 miles) west of the capital Baghdad. Fars News Agency

Fars News Agency
Fars News Agency
Fars News Agency
Fars News Agency
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