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President Bashar al-Assad, accompanied by Mrs. Asma al-Assad and their children, visited injured army personnel in their villages in Homs countryside.

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Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic said on its Facebook page that President al-Assad and his family visited Manhal al-Dayyoub, one of the injured army personnel and a brother of three martyrs, in al-Kanissa village.

The Presidency said al-Dayyoub set up a productive project as part of “The Homeland’s Wounded” program launched by the Syrian Presidency in 2014 to meet the needs of the injured, particularly those with injuries which make them unable to lead a normal life.


Al-Dayyoub and his comrades “will always remain in our minds” until having all their needs met and providing them with sustainable medical care and necessary surgeries.

President al-Assad and his family also visited the injured Issa Ramez Ibrahim from Tannona village in Khirbet al-Tin area who sustained an injury in the battle against terrorists. Two of his siblings are still fighting terrorists.

The Presidency said that al-Ibrahim has set up a small business to sustain him and his family.

President al-Assad and his family visited the injured Mustapha Ibrahim al-Ibrahim in al-Madabe’ village in Homs eastern countryside. Al-Ibrahim was diagnosed with quadriplegia (a paralysis of the arms and legs).

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“The injured with the most intractable cases are prioritized…But all injured army members are the target of “The Homeland’s Wounded” Project…Those who sacrificed for their homeland without waiting for anything in return,” added the Presidency.

The Presidency explained that the project will start soon to put into service the most up-to-date medical devices specialized in installing prosthetic limbs as suits every single case, adding that the project will continue to provide all that the injured need.

435 injured army personnel with full disability were provided with assistance as part of the “The Homeland’s Wounded” program, in addition to carrying out 285 productive projects for them that provide revenue and allow them to achieve self-dependence.

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Last March, President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad received a number of injured Syrian Arab Army personnel and the mothers of a group of them on the occasion of Mother’s Day and to mark the first anniversary of launching the “Homeland’s Wounded” program.

The program seeks to support injured people, preserve their rights, and reintegrate them into society.

It provides prosthetics and productive projects for the injured, with the aim of employing all available resources to alleviate the suffering of the injured and treat them.

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