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(Aleppo, 9 July 2016) ~ The death toll from terrorist rocket attacks on neighborhoods in Aleppo city during the past 24 hours has risen to 45, in addition to more than 300 injured.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA’s reporter that terrorists fired rocket shells at al-Zahra’a neighborhood in Aleppo city on Satuday evening, killing one civilian and injuring 3 others, and later the death toll of the attacks in the evening rose to 2.

Earlier Syrian Agency reporter quoted medical sources at Aleppo Health Directorate as saying that the dead included 28 children and women.

The sources noted that 25 injured people are in critical condition.

The attacks, carried out by terrorist groups in violation of the truce, targeted al-Furqan, al-Fayed and al-Midan neighborhoods and the dormitory of Aleppo University in which tens of rocket shells were fired.

The attacks were renewed today, with the terrorist groups targeting the area surrounding the Municipal Palace in Aleppo city with more than 10 rocket shells, according to a source at Aleppo Police Command.

The shells caused huge material damage to the buildings and private and public properties.

Governor of Aleppo Mohammad Marwan Olabi visited al-Furqan neighborhood where many people were killed or injured due to the attacks.

Olabi announced that financial amounts will be immediately paid to the victims’ families in compensation, stressing that assistance will be provided to all those who have damaged properties.

Local Reporters [Mazen/Ghossoun/H. Said] by Syrian Arab News Agency
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