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As we had already previously said, one thing is certain: if the ‘intelligence services’ wished to let ‘come out into the open’ all possible internal armed enemies, that could have been a future problem for Erdogan, and at the same time increasing his power and consent, this failed coup was the best expedient. (SyrianPatriots)


(SputnikNews) ~ What began as a brainstorm erupted into a full blown conspiracy theory when a Politico reporter poured gas on the fire claiming that his Turkish source believed the coup was a staged performance.

Social media is abuzz with new claims that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan faked the coup attempt against the government after the country’s leader called the botched overthrow “a gift from Allah.” Posting under #TheaterNotCoup social media users ask aloud whether the whole think was an elaborate scheme for the Turkish strongman to garner even more control.

1-Aycan Karadag

The theory originated when Politico’s European correspondent Ryan Heath said that a Turkish source of his believed that the entire debacle was a staged performance citing the fact that the government was able to communicate with everybody in Turkey via SMS text message and that Erdogan would be able to “clean” the military of secularists and install hardline Islamists in both the judiciary and the armed forces stripping away any constitutional check on the leader.


2-Ryan Heath


The social media punditry, scoffed at as conspiracy theorists and crazies by most, argue that the hyperbolic Erdogan will use the coup attempt that left at least 265 dead and over 2000 wounded in the same fashion that Hitler used the Reichstag fire – the 1933 arson attack on the German parliament building which Hitler used as an excuse to suspend civil liberties and order mass arrests.

3-Maria Mallas

There are many reasons to doubt this fanciful theory not the least that President Erdogan was on vacation when the coup plotters first seized the TRT news channel, the bridges, and Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport. The leader was forced to phone in by FaceTime to CNN Turk to put out a desperate plea to the people of Turkey to take to the streets and put down the coup.

4-Tancredi Palmeri

Others point to the convenience for Erdogan who was able to blame his arch nemesis Fethullah Gulen who alleged has developed a shadow government within Turkey – known as the Parallel Structure – with ambitions of ultimately seizing control of the country.

Furthermore, Erdogan had fallen out of favor among Western leaders in recent months after repeated crackdowns on journalists, legal maneuvering to outlaw dissenters, forging a constitutional amendment revoking legislative immunity for opposition lawmakers, and seizure of nearly full control of the country’s executive and legislative powers with the tacit consent of Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

5-j alguacil

President Erdogan has been both a tormenter of Europe and the United States as well as a key linchpin in the strategic plans of both. Turkey agreed to take in an additional 1 million Syrian refugees from the European Union after already housing over 2.75 million migrants from the war-torn country, in return for fast-track consideration within the EU and visa-free travel.

Those plans were summarily shot down by European leaders with former British Prime Minister David Cameron saying that he didn’t fancy Turkey would be prepared to enter the EU for another thousand years at least citing the country’s move towards an autocratic framework.

6-Subsidiarity Man

Nonetheless, Turkey’s President was emboldened following the events that unfolded on Friday with the very future of Europe hanging in the balance with the EU all but praying that Erdogan would hold on. If Erdogan’s regime fell, Europe faced the specter of several million additional refugees flooding into the continent – a reality that would all  but mark the end of the economic union and result in a near immediate end to the Schengen open borders agreement.

The United States found itself in a similar predicament with Turkey serving as NATO’s primary launchpad into the Middle East to attend to the crises in Syria and Iraq. If Turkey fell and the United States lost access to the Incirlik air base the US fight against Daesh would could to a screaming halt.

Faced with those realities, the preview of what a world without Erdogan would look like may very well have been a godsend for the besieged leader of Turkey, but it may also be a nightmare for the United States.

Turkey’s government has already wrangled together over 2,8000 soldiers and 2,745 judges who are claimed to have conspired against the Erdogan regime and who now all face treason charges. It is unknown whether any of these targeted soldiers or jurists were opponents to Erdogan’s strongman form of government, but ultimately not involved in the plot at all. Regardless, the prison doors have now shut on the leaders primary political opponents.

“This means it [the failed coup] will be followed by a real coup by Erdogan himself, and the last remnants of democracy will be lost,” suggested one social media pundit.

The alleged mastermind of the coup according to Turkish officials, Fethullah Gulen, also trafficked the idea that the coup was staged saying “I don’t believe that the world believes the accusations made by President Erdoğan. There is a possibility that it could be a staged coup and it could be meant for further accusations [against the Gülenists].”

Whether the coup was ultimately fact or fiction, the world has been fundamentally changed by the horror descended on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara on Friday with the advantage clearly going to the coup’s survivor.



Failed Military Coup Could Help Erdogan
Get What He Wants

(SputnikNews) ~ President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could well benefit from the unsuccessful military coup that rocked Turkey on Friday night because the insurrection has most likely opened up the path for a broad constitutional reform that will allow him to become a president for life, Doctor of Turkish studies Nikos Christofis told Radio Sputnik.


This is something that Erdogan has been pushing for months. The Turkish strongman has advocated rewriting the constitution so that he would get significantly more powers, but the ruling party did not have enough votes to kick start the process. The authoritarian trend has also divided the Turkish society.

The failed coup attempt might tip the scales in Erdogan’s favor

The ideal path forward, according to Christofis, would be for Erdogan to make his agenda more democratic. Instead, there will be “more authoritarianism” since now Erdogan “has fewer obstacles to become president for life” and concentrate power in his own hands.

For the analyst, Erdogan’s “authoritarian shift” is the main reason behind the coup that took place on Friday night when a group of military officers took key sites in Ankara and Istanbul under control in order to remove the Turkish president from power. The authorities largely overturned the insurrection by Saturday morning.

At least 265 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the overnight chaos. More than 2,830 people have been arrested.

Friday night’s events caught people in Turkey and elsewhere by surprise, but Christofis maintained that the Turkish government could have been aware that something was brewing.

For the last couple of weeks rumors circulated that a large group of officers “will be forced to retire by the end of the summer,” he said. The coup might have been “an organized attempt” by this group of mostly middle rank officers.

Even if Turkish authorities were aware that something was coming up, it does not mean that they were behind thecoup, Christofis added, saying that he preferred to refrain from turning to conspiracy theories to explain the coup’s “lack of organization and inefficiency.”

The analyst mentioned two key theories that have gained traction following Friday night’s events. First one pins the blame for the violence on US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gülen and his movement. Erdogan indirectly accused his former ally as the events unfolded, but Gülen denied the allegations.

The second theory says that the military coup was staged by the government itself in a bid “to increase its popularity”.



“Attempted Coup in Turkey Looks Like Internal Staging”
~ Austrian MP ~

(SputnikNews) ~ An attempt of a military coup in Turkey was too amateur and looks more like an internal staging instead of a real effort to take over the power, a lawmaker with the Social Democratic Party of Austria, Stefan Schennach, told Sputnik on Sunday.

“There is a little bit of bad taste in this story. Because why was everything prepared, the list of judges, the list of those people who are now arrested and not only from the military. So the bad taste is that staging [the coup] plays into the hands of [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan to change the state more and more. This coup was a very dilettante coup,” Schennach said.

“Also, it was the parliament and not the palace of Mr. Erdogan that was destroyed most. But when you want a coup, you do it differently,” he added…[…read more…]…



Over 400 Judges, Prosecutors Detained in Turkey
After Thwarted Coup Attempt

(SputnikNews) ~ A total of 426 judges and prosecutors have been detained in Turkey as part of the investigation launched following the attempted military coup, local media reported on Sunday.

According to the Anadolu news agency citing a source in the prosecutor’s office, the detainees are suspected of “membership in an armed terrorist organization” and “use of violence in an attempt to overthrow the Government of the Republic of Turkey”.

Late on Friday, Turkish authorities said that an attempted coup took place in the country. The coup was suppressed several hours later. Over 260 people were killed and hundreds were injured during the events, while nearly 3,000 people have already been detained.

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