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Terrorist attack on al-Qameshli city, in Hasaka province:
44 civilian killed, 140 injured

Qamishli, Hasaka, 27 July 2016 ~ 44 civilian killed and 140 injured in a terrorist car bomb attack, on Wednesday, in al-Qameshli city, Hasaka province. A terrorist suicide bomber carried out the attack using a car bomb in al-Gharbiya neighborhood, on the road between al-Hialiyeh roundabout and Youth City roundabout, on the western part of the city.

Scores of people were killed and injured in the attack, while a number of residential buildings and the infrastructure in the area sustained severe damage.

The al-Qamishli National Hospital and a number of private hospitals received the bodies of 44 victims as well as 140 injured people, some of whom sustained severe injuries, which means that the death toll is likely to rise.


Daesh has claimed responsibility for the attack.

A truck rigged with explosives went off in the western edge of the predominantly-Kurdish-populated city, local media reported. Minutes later, a suicide bomber on a motorbike caused second explosion in the same area, reports said.

The blasts struck near a local police department and a government building nearby.

Rescue teams continue to clear the debris, recovering injured and dead bodies from under the rubble. The number of casualties is feared to rise.

The truck blast caused massive damage to the buildings near the center of the explosion, destroying a large number of private vehicles parked on the streets, witnesses say.

“Most of the buildings at the scene of the explosion have been heavily damaged because of the strength of the blast,” Qamishli resident Suleiman Youssef told AP by phone.

A video aired by the Syrian state TV channel showed a pillar of grey smoke rising from the explosion site.


The Syrian town of Qamishli, right on the Turkish border, is controlled by Kurdish militia.

Still, Syrian government forces are also present in the area, controlling the local airport.

Kurdish forces have already captured wide areas of the Syrian territory from Daesh.


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