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An image released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency shows Syrians rallying in support of President Bashar al-Assad on the first anniversary of the anti-regime revolt. State television showed tens of thousands of people waving Syrian flags and Assad's portrait in squares in Damascus, the northern city of Aleppo, Latakia on the Mediterranean coast, Suweida to the south and Hasaka in the northeast.

President al-Assad: “Future of the region will be drawn by peoples who stood in the face of irrational policies”

(SANA) ~ President Bashar al-Assad received Thursday Chairman of the Iranian Shura Council’s Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security Dr. Alaeddin Boroujerdi and the accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the latest developments in Syria.

Boroujerdi affirmed that the successes achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in combating terrorism came to crown the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their resistance and determination to defend the homeland in the face of terrorism and its supporters, saying that victory of Syria would redraw the map of the entire region.

President al-Assad and Dr. Boroujerdi exchanged viewpoints on regional and international developments and their impact on the situation in Syria.


They also noted that the insistence of some states to continue their irrational policies and their support for terrorist organizations to achieve goals that do not serve the interests of their people had contributed to the spread of terrorism and destabilized more countries.

For his part, President al-Assad pointed out that the future of the region will be drawn by the peoples who stood in the face of these policies and made sacrifices in facing terrorism and protecting their own countries and their independent decision.

Both sides also affirmed the importance of enhancing parliamentary cooperation and employing it in all fields in a way that strengthens brotherly relations binding the Syrian and Iranian peoples as well as promoting the level of cooperation between the governments of the two countries.

In the same context, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem met Boroujerdi and his accompanying delegation, discussing with him bilateral relations and joint cooperation between the two countries.

Al-Moallem affirmed that steadfastness is the basic choice for the people and leadership in Syria, adding that victory in Syria is imminent.

For his part, Boroujerdi expressed his confidence that Syria and the axis of resistance will achieve victory soon, affirming that the Iranian people and leadership will continue to support the Syrian leadership and people in all fields to enable them to achieve victory in the battle against Takfiri terrorism and restore security and stability all over Syria.

Boroujerdi reiterates Iran’s support for Syria in the fight against terrorism

Boroujerdi affirmed his country’s support to Syria in its war against terrorism and in the face of the US-Zionist project “which wanted to weaken and strike the resistance”.

He said at a press conference that his visit to Syria comes within the framework of Iran’s policy of supporting the resistance axis against the Zionist entity.

“We announce our support again for Syria, which has withstood for more than five years against the largest terrorist campaign, represented by tens of thousands of terrorists who had been sent to Syria from many countries with clear international support,”  Boroujerdi added.

He stressed that the solution to the crisis in Syria will be through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue without any external interference or imposing external solutions, adding that the United Nations should play its role in this regard.

Boroujerdi pointed out that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo to rescue the families from the oppression of the terrorists and their blockade “is a turning-point in the history of the crisis”, calling on the UN “if it is sincere in its intentions to do what is necessary to bring out the people who trapped in the eastern part of the city” and that’s through safe corridors that been identified by the Syrian government.

He expressed his country’s confidence that Syria will achieve decisive victory on terrorism and defeating terrorists who claimed the lives of thousands of innocent citizens and displaced many others, hoping the refugees would return to their homes and cities and that Syria would once again enjoy peace and stability.

Boroujerdi pointed out that the supporters of the terrorists should be brought to justice.

As for the impact of the current events in Turkey on its political stance and its support to terrorism, Boroujerdi said that the time has come for Turkey to reconsider its policy towards Syria and help establish security and stability in the region.

On the US warnings that affect the territorial integrity of Syria, Boroujerdi reiterated his country’s support to the territorial integrity of Syria and national unity, saying “really, we see there is a US sly scheme, and we see the Americans carry out these projects in Iraq, but we believe the Syrian people and government will not allow such vision to be achieved here.”

On any new proposal by the UN envoy for Syria, Boroujerdi said Tehran didn’t hear any new thing from de Mistura during his latest visit to it, but he repeated the same topics that he had proposed in the past.

He added that any proposal by the UN or any other side should be objective and meet the aspirations of the Syrian people; otherwise, it will not be an objective proposal.

“The Syrian people, who have endured difficult conditions during 5 years, should determine their future and propose the aspired-for solution,” Boroujerdi added.

by Manar al-Frieh, SANA, 4 August 2016
Submitted by Cem Ertür 
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