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~ Mr McCain is an old sociopath – this man alone would start WW3 if it was up to him. It seems that no matter the situation, he routinely advocates for “American boots on the ground” sending thousands of US men and women to their deaths – and not for their “freedom”, but for the colonization of other independent states. This senile old fart is stuck in Vietnam-era mentality. McCain has also called to arm rebels in Syria to shoot down Russian military aircraft – one would think that Russia and the US would work together, if in fact US interests (fighting terrorism, not breeding it) were legitimate.
~ Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation through a referendum in 2014 – in a rare voice of reason on CNN, the journalist attempts to steer McCain in the right direction, essentially asking why the Crimean referendum is not valid. It appears, only American- initiated referendums are real – stop asking silly questions!
~ The travelling circus that is mainstream US media is one giant charade – I have included it in order to juxtapose the insane drivel, next to the real reaction to Putin, on the ground, in the Crimea. (The “annexation” serves as a battering ram to Western elites, for dousing Russia in all kinds of garbage).
~ If I were to make a call – I would say Westerners are the most subjugated people in the world when it comes to the tyranny of distorted information via a handful of media moguls. In Putin’s own words “they present white as black, and black as white” in order to garner public support for the endless hegemonic crusades carried out by the US military, NATO and their financial institutions.
Make up your own opinions. (By Inessa Sinchougova)