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Syrian Arab Army source

We can safely say it was the longest 5 hours yet of the Syrian War. So far the largest number of terrorists in a single attack around 5,000 terrorists belonging to 22 different terrorist groups coming from Idlib via Khan Touman attacked SAA’s positions in the Southwestern Countryside of Aleppo from 5 axes.

While terrorists under siege inside the Eastern side of Aleppo mobilized to attack the back of the defending troops against terrorists coming from Idlib.

Units of the Syrian Arab Army and allies maneuvered around the Artillery Academy. Anti-Armor units destroyed all terrorists suicide trucks before reaching their destination thus preventing terrorists from opening a hole in SAA’s defenses.

SyAAF and RuAF conducted non-stop airstrikes against advancing terrorists and their supply convoys. Also, conducted airstrikes near the SAA points at a very low altitude ~200 meters.

The terrorists’ attack was larger than the attack that captured Idlib and Jisr al-Shughour;

The Syrian Arab Army units and Allies foiled all the attacks successfully, and by the end terrorists tried to retreat toward Khan Touman under heavy SyAAF and RuAF fire.

More details of the battle will be posted in time; however, for now, we can only say: Heroes of the Artillery Academy, the 147th regiment, the 83rd battalion, the missile brigades, the anti-armor tank hunters, the republican guards, SyAAF intelligence operatives, tiger forces, and the list goes on: you are writing history, and creating victory.


Mercenary-terrorist commanders meet in Gaziantep and Ankara to discuss Aleppo strategy

“The gang members who seek to come up with a new strategy about the siege on Aleppo are holding meetings in Gaziantep and Ankara under the supervision of the MIT and the police units. The meeting in Gaziantep is still continuing at Hampton by Hilton. Drastic security measures have been taken around the hotel.”

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Syrian Arab Army source
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