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President Putin: “For some people, it is their job to under-inform you”. If you aren’t already, one should be very skeptical of what they read in Western mainstream media in regard to geopolitical events, given it has become exponentially obvious that the Fourth Estate is obsolete. The likes of George Soros-funded outlets have tried to pass the buck to Russia in creating the refugee crisis – but our memories aren’t as short as that of a senile old man. The Russian campaign in Syria came to fruition AS A RESULT of ISIS atrocities, which created the refugee crisis in Europe. Since then, Russia has cut off ISIS’ revenue supply from the plunder of Syria’s stolen oil, it has uncovered billions of dollars of American supplies of weaponry and vehicles to “moderate opposition”, who have no real differentiation to ISIS. It has also destroyed their bases and personnel in their thousands. What followed was a smear campaign in the form of the Panama Papers (published by the George Soros Consortium of Investigative Journalists), and continuing to this day, with the dirty games against Russia’s Olympic team. (Video translation from Russian by Inessa Sinchougova ~ Submitted by Lone Bear)