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by Jonathan Azaziah ~ Mouqawamahmusic

First the “liberation” of Manbij. Now the manufactured worldwide outrage over 5-year old Omran Daqneesh aka “The Orange Seat Boy”, aka “The Aleppo Ambulance Boy”, aka “The Miracle Boy Who Survived A Russian (or was it a ‘regime’?) Air Strike”. So many lies to debunk against the Syrian Arab Republic, so little time. Let’s get on with it though, shall we?

Manbij wasn’t “liberated” as liberation can only come at the hands of Syrians who fight in the name of preserving Syrian sovereignty and pluralism, not Imperialists and traitors who fight in the name of ethnic chauvinism and an American-‘Israeli’ destabilization agenda.

All that took place in Manbij was one covert US-Zionist proxy–ISIS–happened to get replaced with an overt US-Zionist proxy–the Syrian Democratic Forces led by the treacherous PYD/YPG.

Let us also not forget to note that it was the American regime and its French colonialist pals that have slaughtered hundreds of Syrian civilians in and around Manbij over the last several weeks with zero, yes, ZERO international outcry.

But the murderers, invaders and terrorists are liberators now?! Enough!

What this really is, on the surface level, is a move orchestrated to give the US-founded fake “anti-ISIS” coalition a public relations “victory” and make it appear as if a “fight against terrorism” is actually being carried out.

And on a subterranean level, the “liberation” of Manbij took place to give collaborationist Kurdish forces a strong foothold in a key northern Syrian area so they can push forward with their ‘Israeli’-birthed Federalization/”Rojava”/Partition agenda.

This is confirmed by the latest PYD/YPG aggression–launched because the Kurds felt emboldened by their “success” on the Manbij front–in Hasakah City that was thankfully repelled by the Syrian Arab Army.

And it gets deeper still. Because that photo-op lunacy with Manbij’s men shaving their beards–as if the beard is malevolence personified–and the women burning their niqabs absolutely reeks to high heaven of CIA, DIA and Mossad. I am reminded of the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad (DIA) and the fire set to burqas in Kabul after the NATO invasion (CIA).

I’m also reminded of countless Zionist media pieces through the years about Iranian expat women in the West ripping off their hijabs/chadors and then filming/photographing it to “upset the mullahs” (all Mossad, all day).

The agenda against Islam, a reflection of 15 years of such hasbara post-9/11, couldn’t be more blatant. Western ZOGs are using the Manbij “liberation” to propagandize to their citizens about Islam’s supposed inherent “repressiveness” and “misogyny” and “hyper-aggressive-masculinity” and it was only because of NATO, that paragon of humanity, that these “oppressed” Syrian citizens could be free and liberal and sing songs of unicorns, rainbows and chocolate chip cookies with sprinkles again. Take a damn hike!

Women (and men!) throughout Syria have been practicing Islam as they wish, dressing as they wish and living as they wish under the Syrian government since the French left Bilad al-Sham, and especially under Dr. Bashar al-Assad and his father Hafez before him.

Syria is, arguably, the most pluralistic, most secular and most free country not only in the Arab and Islamic worlds but the entire Global South. But pictures depicting this way of life are counter to the dystopian narrative presented by the Zionist mass press since day one of the mutant-experiment we refer to as the “Syrian revolution” and are thus never shown to a mainstream audience.

Nevertheless, the Empire can’t have it both ways: Either the terrorists are “freedom fighters” attempting to overthrow a “barbaric dictator” so they can live in peace and harmony, or the terrorists are terrorists and the “barbaric dictator” isn’t a “barbaric dictator” but a democratically elected president with a mandate from his free people to combat terrorism.

Ultimately, the former falls flat in the face of the latter and the beard-shaving, niqab-burning Manbij “liberation” is left hung out to dry as a third-rate piece of Jewish Hollywood-style hasbara aimed to further the war on Islam and falsely equate it with Al-Saud’s demented Wahhabi-Takfirism.

The Omran Daqneesh phenomenon and Manbij have the Hollywoodism element in common. Seeing this little child covered in ash from a destroyed building after a “Russian/Syrian ‘regime’” air strike is certainly of the heartrending variety and the images and video are meant to trigger calls to “DO SOMETHING!” and “SAVE THE CHILDREN!”

Problem is however that Russia categorically denied that sorties from its Aerospace Forces or the Syrian Arab Air Force were launched in that area, at that time, on that day. What Moscow suggested as a much more plausible explanation is that Takfiri terrorist gangs could have shelled the area as they have been doing for over five years now in every Syrian province.

This could very well be the case. Wouldn’t be the first time the Zionist media said that the victims of Takfiris were the victims of the Syrian government. Nor would it would be the first time that the victims of Takfiris were trotted out by the Takfiris as props in “regime change” hasbara.

No different than the ‘Israeli’ occupiers who drop knives next to unarmed Palestinian children and then label them “militants”, or the American occupiers who dropped guns next to Iraqi civilians and called them “terrorists”, it has happened time and again over the course of the conspiracy against Syria that the Takfiris–inspired in an inverse way by their Western-Zionist-backers–have removed the fatigues and weapons from dead terrorist fighters and then declared they were “civilians”.

But considering who snapped Omran’s picture and filmed him, what appears to have taken place is much more sinister and revolting. The source of Omran Daqneesh’s notoriety is one Mahmoud Raslan, an “activist” linked to none other than the US-UK-Soros-financed White Helmets, aka Al-Qaeda’s clean-up crew.

Mahmoud Raslan-EVIDENCE-1

On top of that, Raslan was pictured not too long ago with none other than CIA-Saudi-backed Harakat Noureddine al-Zinki, the Takfiri maniacs who beheaded 12-year old Palestinian boy Abdallah al-Issa in Handarat Camp last month. Just like Manbij, where killers of civilians suddenly became “liberators”, with the Omar Daqneesh situation we have head-chopping child-killers morphing into children’s rights advocates right before our very eyes. This is madness on an entirely different level.


And then when it is processed how swiftly Omran’s photo spread throughout the Zionist media, from The Guardian to CNN, Al-Jazeera to the BBC, Al-Arabiya to Fox News, CBC to ABC, AP to Reuters to AFP and so many others, it is beyond any doubt that this was pre-planned and well-organized, not the “find of a lifetime” by a “citizen journalist”.

Omran Daqneesh’s photo is now plastered across the globe to correspond with the increasingly desperate situation for the terrorist bottom-feeders in Aleppo. Unable to stop the advancement of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, International Zionism and its NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex led by the White Helmets created this event in an attempt to pressure the Resistance Axis into accepting a ceasefire.

It’s the same script the Zionists use every damn time. They did it with Aylan Kurdi. They did it in the early days of the “Syrian revolution” with Hamza al-Khatib. They did it in the Gulf War with the notorious “incubator babies” scandal.

They did it two years ago with the false flag killing of the criminal Jewish settler teenagers in the West Bank. Need a pretext to implement a strategic geopolitical objective? Bring out the dead children! Ain’t got no dead children?! Pull some dead children out of thin air! Or, in Omran Daqneesh’s case, put some tremendously sophisticated, Spielberg-style make-up on him and subsequently tell the Earth he’s “shellshocked”. There are real killings and real injuries befalling Syria’s children. Daily. As well as Yemen’s children. Daily. And Iraq’s children. Daily. None of them, these martyrs and wounded of Zio-Imperialist-created terrorism, will be at the top of the Zionist media’s websites tomorrow. Omran Daqneesh is indeed a victim, but a victim of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire and its reprehensible tools who are using and abusing him as nothing but an expendable pawn in their sanguinary game to balkanize our region. Not the Syrian government. And not Russia.

It boggles the mind in an infinite number of ways that there are so few, most especially among our own ranks, who cannot see the Manbij “liberation” and the Omran Daqneesh events for the hideous fabrications that they are.

There has been a Zionist media war on the Syrian Arab Republic since March 15th, 2011 and these two events are merely part and parcel of it. Such propaganda must be red-flagged immediately upon seeing it. Then it must be dissected. Then it must be exposed.

And anybody who accepts the mainstream narrative instead of following these three simple steps is, to be frank, just as guilty of disseminating hasbara and contributing to the chaos crippling Syria as the White Helmets, the PYD/YPG and the Takfiris themselves.


by Jonathan Azaziah ~ Mouqawamahmusic
Submitted by Cem Ertür 
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